Friday, March 29, 2013

kitchen office re-org! ... ♥ part three

yay! the last part of my kitchen/office area re-organization...
take a peek!
this is where i blog, manage shop, and pin stuff :)

this area is a hot spot for paper piles & clutter
here's a quick before picture
taken right before i tackled this whole section of the kitchen

ahhh... here's an after :)
now just to keep it this way!!

the three drawers under the desk area house all office supplies
paperwork to be filed, paid and whatever else 
i used another set of dipping dishes like in this drawer
this time to hold change for lunches & milk money 
(that we always seem to be scrambling for at the last minute
while the bus driver is promptly arriving at the end of the driveway)
extra labels and all those reward/key-tag cards

the paper tray holds papers to be filed
with a small file folder to manage receipts we need to keep
and a three-hole punch

the second drawer takes care of all the itty bitties, calculators, notepads, tape ...
these super durable plastic dishes were also from Target in the kitchen area

happy to say it does it's job! it's gotten to be a little messy and just a bit too full
so i might need to get on that :)

i use clothespins to hold notes and other random pieces of paper
(i'm a random pieces of paper kinda girl)


spruced up this little corner with some more cupcake paper flowers

and a perpetual calendar ... if you want to make one the original project is from here

scored these pretty Martha Stewart binders at Staples...
still workin on what goes inside these ... the solid one is for my day planner
the patterned ones will be for a household binder, meal planning and coupons
i'm re-vamping the whole system ... it's not an easy task, very time consuming
but when it's all done i know it'll be worth it 

can't wait to share it with you once it's done!

i'm super excited about how this whole area came together
and so glad i tackled it just a little at a time
that's the best way for me to accomplish things
or else i feel completely overwhelmed and i shut down! 

how about you? 
do you work on projects bit by bit
or jump right in-get-it-done-till-2am?  
...acutually sometimes i'm both :) 
but with functional organizing projects like this one 
i think it's good to take time to plan things out
then see what works best for you and your family ... 
when it's all done, step back, admire your work
... and take some time to smell your cupcake flowers :)
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  1. I love the cupcake flowers and how neat everything is. I really miss having a desk with drawers to hide all my stuff in.

  2. I have a big reorganisation to do as we've just imported a new queen size bed into the mix for my son...but bit by bit, thoughtfully, will get the job done well!

  3. That looks really great, Jamie. How wonderful to have a mini-office in your kitchen. I am kind of a get'er'done person. I find if I try to do things a little at a time I sometimes get called away and never get back to get it finished! Really good job, Jaime! xo Diana

  4. I'm a planner who wants to be a get-it-done kind of person. If only the budget would allow to go out in one swoop and buy all baskets and bins and binders, etc for the whole house. hehe So, I have to take it 1 room at a time.

    Your space looks amazing. Love that window above the desk!
    Happy Weekend!

  5. Hubs is working on "space" just for me...totally using the dishes idea. I love any excuse to get cute dishware ; )

  6. Awesomeness!! There is nothing more satisfying than opening an organized drawer. Ironically, none of mine are organized at the moment, but this post has inspired me to get to work :)
    Happy Easter friend! Keep doin' what you're doin'!

  7. I tend to get hyper-focused on a project once I start. (Emphasis on once I start!) The only exception to that is my loong-over due book project because it's more complicated than making a hands-on project from start to finish!

    Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday, Jaime!

  8. Hi! I'm to your blog and it's cute! I love the this organization project! I'm working on my own now! Thank you for the inspiration!


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