she's baaaaaaaaaaack! ... ♥

i have a friend ♥

is back after taking an itty bitty bloggy break :)
and i've missed her so ♥

Two Shades of Pink
she's one of the reasons i fell in love with the idea of blogging
she has a genuine heart, a love for God ... and two little girls
and she's so dang crafty ta-boot :)
(hmm, maybe we have some stuff in common)

some of you already know her ... and that's how you found me!
she was the first person to feature my craft room

look what has happened since then!  thanks Jess for your sweet friendship
and for sharing your gift of creativity with all of us ...

and for real ... 
take a peek at her latest project!!

eeeeek! hello sunshine is right ...
a spray painted antique soda crate! get the how-to on her blog!

i was peeking through all her wonderful projects 
(as i've done so many times before :)
and i fell in love with these all over again!

yes please, i want to be invited to this party.

just looking at this picture makes me want to get up and get my craft on
plus i'm lovin' anything green right now :)

of all her genius... this has always been one of my favorites ...
i knew when i saw this garland, Jess and i had the same crafty blood type :)

this Spiraled Yarn Project is cuter than cuteness

Jess has a love for tablescapes too ... 
she's gifted... everything comes together and looks so inviting

ok, that's enough...
there's just too much cuteness ...
stop on over there right now and tell Jess how stinkin' cute she is ♥
unless of course, you already know :)

happy weekend!
...with a ton of gladness in my ♥ for you all


  1. Wow. Wow, wow, wow. You are such a special friend and I did not expect a welcome back such as this. And You are amazing and I adore you. Thank you friend. Love you!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh, you are such a good friend, Jaime! I will check her out now!! Looks so fun : )

  3. I'm loving the look of those projects and heading over there now! What a great friend you are to her! Happy Weekend, Jaime!

  4. I love her fabric garland! I think we all need an online friend like you! I was blogging for 3 1/2 years and took a 6 month break after getting my priorities all out of order.

    I've now been blogging in the quiet for a while and hope to be online again soon, Lord willing.

    I will definitely go and visit her when I get a chance!

  5. When i saw her pop up in my feed it felt like it was my b-day!!! :D You both are SO God sent For-Realz!!!!

  6. delightful! are those painted wooden spoons?

  7. Thanks for sharing Jaime. She is very talented just like you!! Isn't it amazing how God can send you friends that you never even met through blogging!! I have some super duper friends and ones I can reach out in a second for prayer!! So much amazing talents too and the willingness to share it also. Lookin forward to your shop Grand Re-Opening!! Keep on keepin on!! XOXO Luv ya Fran.


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