Tuesday, May 7, 2013

mother's day gift idea ... ♥ lemon poppy seed soap

Mother's Day is this Sunday!
it always sneaks up on me. every year.
so with this Handmade Mother's Day series in full swing
i was forced to plan ahead!
she also made this yummy homemade lemon soap that looked so pretty
i was so excited about how simple the steps were
and really started thinking about the endless amounts of combinations 
that could be used to make all different kinds.

mom, hostess, birthday ... yup, great gifts for all of those peoples :)

i combined a few recipes that really liked, made my own
and then just had fun with it :)

i hit the craft store and found what i needed ...
i chose the shea butter soap
(there is glycerine & goat's milk too)
the soap molds were not really to my liking so i wandered over to the baking isle 
and found these mini silicone bread molds
the coloring was there too ... not sure if you can substitute this coloring with food coloring?
hmm... have to look that up.
from the grocery store i got the lemons & the poppy seeds

the soap is already sectioned, so very easy to measure
i first melted 20 ounces of the soap in a large glass measuring bowl
in the microwave for 1 minute then in 30 second intervals
stirring in between each

once it's melted add the color, essential oil and the foodie ingredients

mix well.

this batch filled 2 of the bread molds a little over half way
placed it on a cookie sheet, and slid it into the fridge to set
while i melted the last 12 ounces.

the second mixture was just as is, nothing added
since i wanted to add another layer that was just white to top off the first

once the first layer was set (maybe 15 minutes or so)
i poured the white layer over the top and put it back in the fridge

this was the result :)
so pretty, and looks yummy!
there are so many possibilities with this ... layered colors, flavors, mix-ins ...
fun. fun. fun.

i wrapped each bar in parchment paper after slicing
and found these small white ceramics in the kitchen section at Target 
to be used as a soap dish
tied up with some fabric scraps ... and it's all ready to gift ♥

try it. 
make soap. 
you can't mess it up. 
and it's so fun. 
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  1. Yummy! Almost looks good enough to eat! =)

    1. it does sorta make you hungry while you're making it! ha! and the food add-in ideas get ya goin' too! thanks for the visit ♥

  2. Looks soo good!! Thanks so much for sharing pretty lady!! :) xo Holly

  3. This looks so fun and it's such a pretty gift! Love it :)

  4. I think I just fell in ♥ with soap

  5. I always nervous try, but this looks sooooo easy! Thanks for sharing!

    1. don't be nervous! it's sorta like cooking heehee... just heat, chop and throw stuff in :) was super-duper fun!

  6. So, so pretty and a perfect gift idea!

  7. Your presentation is gorgeous! Makes me want to make soap. Like NOW. :)

    1. thanks Whitney! really! go hurry! make some ... you'll love it :)

  8. Gorgeous! Now I just have to get the supplies to make teacher gifts for the end of the year; thanks!

    1. thanks for the comment Susan ♥ you're right! great idea for teacher gifts!

  9. The poppy seed must be included to exfoliate the skin? That's awesome. I can smell the lovely lemon zest as I read the recipe. Thanks for sharing :)

    1. yes, that's the idea! plus it looks pretty...heehee :) thanks for the visit Laura ♥

  10. Jaime this is what I LOVE about you girl! You just go for it make it pretty and call it a gift!! You are a rock star in my world pretty girl!!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  11. Jaime, I so total agree with Fran Boggs (comment right above mine). You are just awesome, that is why I love following your blog and Instagram and your etsy store!! I cant wait to try this!!


  12. This doesn't look too hard. I may just give it a try. The lemon must smell delicious!

    1. it's soooo not hard! really no fuss about this at all :) have fun! ♥

  13. So pretty!! I don't know if I could actually use it or if I would just put it out for display since it is so pretty and for the scent. Love it!! Great idea!!

  14. These are lovely! Beautiful tutorial--I will have to give this one a try--perfect teacher gifts!

  15. I am looking for a good for you and the environment soap. Is the soap base from the craft store natural and all that? Haha. I love your blog and your laundry soap so I looked to you first.


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