ten things ... ♥ garlands & buntings

didn't hear what you said?
oh... it's friday?!
must be summer. cause i actually thought it was wednesday yesterday.

happy friday peeps!
i'm just all about the garlands lately
and the pennant buntings ... and the lights
all things hanging really. 
i feel the need to put some hanging stuff up everywhere in the house
after my over the kitchen sink party post the other day, 
i started hittin' up pinterest to find the cutest garland ideas... 
all of which i would love to make
check 'em out :)
{oh and don't forget! pin from the original sites please!}

i love this layout ... across the span of two windows! genius.

this isn't technically a garland. but it's so so neat. so that's close enough.

if it's made with cupcake paper liners, i'm in.

i actually have a jar full of different color/size butterflies 
that i don't have many ideas for. this is a great idea

i {heart} this one ... now to score a deck of these playing cards

there is a general obsession with maps in all of blog land, yes. i know.
 but i have to say there's something fun about them ... i can't resist, i must join the masses

my biggest little loves this idea 
thank you God for creating horses ... all little girls love them so ♥

twinkle lights + doilies = awesomeness

another cute one for the little horse lover in your life :)

what about mini buntings? all over everywhere ... in every little space ... think small 

do you love garlands as much as me?
or do i have a slight problem ... :)
happy friday & happy crafting!
go make some stuff.


  1. Love garlands and buntings, too! I sometimes have to stop myself from over doing it. hehe

    All little girls do love horses! And those 2 ideas are perfect for my girls' room. They will love it.

    Btw, THANK YOU for my giveaway goodies. They came Wednesday and I've been meaning to let you know how much I adore them. Thanks!

  2. Love love love them all! I think I can count 6 buntings/garlands we have hanging in our house as we speak :) My son has a map bunting I made for him years ago. Boy approved!

  3. Yes, I love them, too. So far, I've only made garlands for parties, but I tend to leave them up long after the party ends!

  4. Love them all!! I've made a few myself, still learning with a ways to go but I do enjoy making them.

  5. Love the mini buntings! Anything crafty and mini is always cute, really. Thanks for links--gonna have to do the mini ones!

  6. Love the horse bunting! I have a little boy who is totally horse obsessed. :)

  7. I love all of them!! You can not ever have too many banners or bunting. :)

  8. Love these. I've been meaning to make some.

    Amanda Rose

  9. Hey there Jaime girl!! Very cool buntings!! I think I like the mini ones. BUT the card bunting is cool BUT I just couldn't cut the cards up so I would have to just use the whole card!! LOL I haven't made a bunting yet but would like to. Hope you are keeping cool this week has been the pits!! Take care!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  10. Hi Jamie, What a great post... tons of inspiration. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving that nice note on my Blog Friends post. I am so happy to have you as a friend! xo


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