new old friends ♥

the weekend flew by.
i left thursday and came home sunday
and it was like i blinked.

i flew to Kansas to meet my sweet friend AmyJ.
it was almost three years in the making
since we first found each other on the web

Amy is exactly how i thought she would be
the same 
sweet & kind. i just love her
Becky is funny & full of spunk
a lot like me :)

after spending the first day with Amy 
(which was so sad. it went by way too fast. like it was nothing)
we headed to the craft house in Newton
i just took a few snapshots that will never do this house justice

this was our room...

there is detail in every corner
inspiration on every wall

it made me smile to see my garland hanging in one of the bedrooms

the work room is huge
and beautiful
i've gotten so much inspiration from here
for my own studio

it kinda felt like i was home in that room.

we ate.
like a lot.
like a lot of good stuff.
probably the best stuff ever.

i got to meet Heather too. which was a major bonus that wasn't planned!
she's such a sweet soul. and kind. i wanted to hang out with her more.

also got to meet Jess.
so quiet, and full of wisdom.
i was listening to her talk here and there
really just someone i'd love to know more.

goodbye whatever craft weekend
i've been blessed to stay within your walls
meet your beloved hosts & helpers
and make your ruffled apron
lemme come back again someday mkay?


  1. We'd love to see you again---here or there.
    So glad you could come!
    You were as great as I thought you would be.
    Love to you!

    1. YOU! you are the best. thanks so much sweet Kimberlee. ♥

  2. Looks like so much fun! What a fun house and craft room. The aprons are beautiful! I want one :)

    1. it's an amazing house. so beautiful. thanks for the visit ♥

  3. What a blast! Thanks for sharing all of your pictures!!! I keep looking back at the cheesecake and cinnamon rolls. =)

    1. they were soooo yummy. Kimberlee is really a wonderful cook & hostess :)

  4. hi jaime... so happy for you! what a fun time you must have had!!! {love the colors of your ruffled apron... super cute!} and your "oh happy day banner" is wonderful :)
    xo angie

  5. So amazing! Thank you for sharing your pictures with us so we could live vicariously through you! Love it friend! ❤❤❤

  6. Jaime, I love every single one of these photos and loved that you had such a great weekend friend. xoxo

  7. it was really lovely to have you Jaime!!! i hope it's not the last time. :)

  8. Oh my stars Jaime!! I really, really want to go there now!! Your pictures are so awesome, the place looks amazing!! Thanks for sharing!!

  9. One more thing!! Can you teach us how to take amazing pictures like yours? Please 😊

  10. What a special time!! So much fun!! I LOVE the aprons!! They are so pretty!!

  11. Soooooooooooooooo jealous!! Meg's blog was the very first one I started following years ago. So creative and inspirational!! Super jealous. the end.

  12. I wan to go sooooo bad. One of these days. I've been on the list for a while. I'm so glad that you had a great time. Loved following you on your trip. xo!

  13. What a wonderful thing for you! Nothing better than meeting a new friend and "clicking". Looks like you met several kindred spirits- xo Diana

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  15. Is the craft house in Newton, KS? I used to live there and never heard of such an amazing thing!

  16. I love those ruffled aprons! Sounds like you guys had so much fun! :) BTW, I really love the whole design of your blog, especially the cute image at the top. Where did you get that?

  17. That's great that you got to meet so many people. I haven't met any bloggers. I've met a bunch of pen pals & people from Myspace.


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