a happy little hot chocolate station ... ♥

i'm just starting to catch up on sleep, food and my Christmas to-do list
well not really catching up on the list
just trying to frantically get some of it done before the weekend. yikes.

i haven't really got much of my decorating done besides the tree & this hot chocolate bar
i had fun putting together last weekend for my daughter's birthday

i have grand schemes for decorating, and even though it's late 
i'm still gonna try to get some of it done

to set up your own hot cocoa station, gather some apothocary or mason jars
and fill them with whatever your heart desires ♥

the hot cocoa we use is just plain old swiss miss. we like it :)
and it came in a really cute throw-back vintage container that i wanted to use for something else.
swiss miss it is.

paper straws, candy canes, marshmallows, sprinkles and some candy
are what filled up our jars 

the little scoops in the cocoa & sprinkles are just teaspoons & tablespoons 
from a set my mom gave me from anthropologie a few years back

i remember when i got them for Christmas i thought, 
oh i already have a set of measuring spoons... i probably won't use these... 
i have used them for just about everything under the sun!
sometimes moms know things.

my grandfather was an artist... like a for real one :)
he painted hand lettered signs for a living
he was very talented, and i'm glad i have a few of his pieces ... this is one of my favorites

these voortman cookies were always in our house for Christmas when i was growing up
i remember getting excited about how colorful they were
with all those sprinkles
i love sprinkles

besided my tree i have all of two Christmas things up in our living room
this sign i heart from my bestie Becky...

and this little aqua sign from target

that's it. i know. i better get on it.

better get busy. have lots to do
two signs just wont do

hopefully i'll be back to show you some more Christmas fun ♥

happy hot cocoa making!
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  1. SO cute Jaime! I've lost count of how many mugs of hot chocolate the boys and I have had so far this month...we are out of control. :) The sprinkles are a fun idea. I'll have to add that next time!

    1. thanks friend!! i'm hooked on it too this year! sprinkles make everything better :)

  2. jaime... i love this!!! you have it all set up so cute... milk glass is one of my favorite things :) and also, the hand lettered sign from your grandfather... what a treasure! thanks for the inspiration... feel like i need to go make a cup!

    1. thank you!! it really is a fun little set-up ♥ thanks for the visit!

  3. Jaime,
    A new follower. :) I am behind a bit on decorating also. We were working on a home project Thanksgiving WEEK and so I got everything out later than usual. (We are finishing the project during Christmas break.)Then a tree that was supposed to be 3 easy pieces was actually 3200 tips that needed to be spread apart! However, all my shopping for my girls was done two weeks ago and parents gifts went out yesterday. PS. I had noticed your store through etsy, contacted you, then you shared your friends shop for the artwork in your craft room. I went bonkers and got great deals on cyber Monday! Six posters--3 for me and 3 for my girls! Thanks for sharing. :) And your girls are adorable. Love your style, shop, and blog! So glad I found you. Have a blessed Christmas!

    1. so glad you're here! thanks so much for the sweet words and so glad you got some deals!! have a wonderful Christmas! ♥

  4. 1. I have those same measuring spoons and I adore them. I got them at The Shops on Westridge.
    2. Your Grandfather's talent must run in the family, because your hand writing is beautiful!
    3. Where do you get paper straws?
    4. I LOVE this hot cocoa station.
    5. Please share the cookie recipe!
    I'm hosting a christmas cookie link up if you do decide to share the recipe:

  5. I do love the delight you spread around your home and family. There is so much love and joy in your decor. I believe that a woman sets the atmosphere in her home and you do a beautiful job of that. Merry Christmas.

  6. Your hot cocoa station looks so inviting! Love all the little sweet touches around your home. Your girls are adorable and sure look like they are enjoying their cocoa! Happy Holidays!

  7. I love this Jaime! I had grand ideas to make a station too, but so far it's just been cocoa and whipped ream:)....maybe this weekend. Love your sweet decorating style; always so full of color and whimsy. Have a wonderful Christmas with your lovely family!
    Blessings, Susan @SugarBeans.org

  8. Jaime, Your decorating is awesome. Love the signs, especially the one from your Grandpa. The new Christmas fad is "Stress Free" and a happy, peaceful mama. Toned down expectations for the holidays with lots of quiet family time, popcorn and wholesome movies. Maybe a puzzle. No mad scramble necessary. Enjoy Christmas, you made it perfect already :).

  9. Oh I love your Hot cocoa bar!! So festive and fabulous!! The girls look very happy to have some too! :) So neat that you have that sign your grandpa made!! I just love it, the colors are so pretty!! And those cookies look delish! I'm headed to the kitchen to make some fudge :) YUM! Merry Christmas!! xo Holly

  10. Hey there Jaime girl I am behind just like you!! Ha well at least the tree is up and the stockings are up!! I had surgery last Friday and am behind a bit from that!! Did get a lot done today. Decided not to do the kitchen to much to have to put away! LOL I really dig that hot cocoa bar and one thing about that is that you can leave it out for the winter and just keep changing the theme!! V-day will be a cute one too!! I love those paper straws and just got my daughter some at the dollar store for her stocking!! At a buck I got two!! LOL oh and I also got the coolest sucker for her it is white mustache with a green bubble gum ball on it for the nose!! She's 23 so I went for cute things!! Oh what fun it is!! Keep on Keepin on!! Love ya Fran.


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