our front porch and a summer wreath ♥

we've had the most beautiful weather here in upstate the past few weeks
mid 70's and breezy ... flowers everywhere. gorgeous.
it sorta almost makes up for the horrible winters we have
including this past never ending one.

i kinda skipped my spring wreath and went right into making one for summer
to make your own you'll need just a few things...
a styrofoam wreath, some fabric cut or ripped into long 1-2 inch wide strips, 
hot glue and some pretty paper

i followed LollyJane's tutorial here for the paper pinwheels
wrapped the foam wreath with the fabric, secured with hot glue and added the pinwheels
that's it!
oh and a few cute buttons :)

found these colored mason jar planters at the Christmas tree shoppe
and spruced up the front porch a little bit

Memorial day weekend is usually when the danger of frost here has officially passed
so i was happy to add some color to the front of our home

the wicker rocker was a curb side rescue a few summers ago
it's been a lot of different colors ... last year it got a coat of mint green
i like it still.
thinkin maybe coral next? or maybe white. i love white.

a few coats of spray paint to some old flower pots i found in the garage
were all these pretty plants needed

who doesn't love daisies?
they're the cutest.

the sign used to be an old mirror
i sprayed the mirror with chalkboard spray paint from joanns
then taped & covered the chalkboard part and sprayed the frame 

it's gonna be a beautiful weekend here ... what are you guys up to??
crafting? yard work? hot dogs & smores??

yes please. all of the above.
♥ much love

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  1. Oh my goodness, I LOVE those mason jar planters. They are JUST adorable!
    Your porch looks so summery (finally, it's summer!), and inviting. :D
    You've given me some inspiration for mine. My wreath, my first lame attempt at a burlap one (poofy style on a frame) is sadly looking a little "sketchy." My porch is sheltered, but even so the burlap is now discoloured (not a year old) and it STINKS. I haven't had any brilliant ideas to replace said burlap wreath...now I want to, after seeing your post! :D

  2. Love the wreath!! My front door has been naked since Christmas and I just haven't found what I wanted until now! Yay! Off to buy some paper!

  3. It's all so very cute!! Love all your pretty colors on your porch, it looks so welcoming! Those flowers are so pretty too!! :) Happy new week! xo Holly

  4. I love the wreath!! It's so cute! The flowers are gorgeous!! Porch looks awesome!! Love all the colors!!

  5. Seems such a lovely place to relax in :D I love the mint green chair!


  6. Adorable front porch! Got some ideas from this post. We're moving from Missouri to Texas this summer, into a cuuuuute southern style home, with stunning front porches. Can't wait to decorate!


  7. Hi Jaime I was wondering if you could send me your email addy I want to send you a pic of how I used your sweet lil girl garland at my DIL's baby shower I had a funky farmhouse style!! or you can go to my blog www.thebagglady.blogspot.com and see some of the other pics too! I did it in funky farmhouse style cuz my whole house is decorated that way!! LOL Still love you n your big heart ALOT!! XOXO Love ya Fran.


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