magic dream bars ♥

i say it all the time on IG that i love to bake
my family knows i bake
the guys at the hubby's office know i bake. so i'm baking a lot
spoiled rotten people
well really i just love to eat cookies ... so that's why i bake.
this is a go-to really quick company's coming and you don't have all day to bake kinda recipe
and they're really so yummy you might just eat a lot of them before the company comes.
so put away your sad granola thingy and your sad lettuce and make some of these.

raid your pantry or go to the store and get this stuff...

(print this one out by clicking on the image and then go get some of your own. hurry. go now.)

heat your oven then melt the butter right in the pan you're going to use
add the graham crumbs and spread them evenly on the bottom after you mix it together

this recipe is really so easy and fail proof ... so all the steps can be done by your kids if it's a day you want to get them into the kitchen to bake with you

just pop open the can of condensed milk and let them pour it evenly over the crumb layer

add all the good stuff ... i usually do coconut first then the chips
my girls ate more chocolate chips than they put in the dish

grab a fork and have them press down a little just to smoosh it all together

this was the original recipe i clipped off the back of the milk can fifteen years ago when i first got married
wow. fifteen years. 
this month.
 we're like, old people

i forgot to take, ya know those staged food blogger pics, that everyone takes and their cookies look like betty crocker herself was at their house and made the cookies with them, and then they took a picture kinda pictures? well this isn't that kinda recipe.

so here's a picture of the bars in their truest form.
messy gooey and broken up on a pedestal dish in my kitchen 
where we keep eating them from
real life. that's all

much love ♥ be back soon!
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  2. Ok maybe I can write this one without mistakes!! LOL That recipes looks yummy!! Thanks for sharing it on such cuteness!! My husband and I will be married 15 years in September!! 2nd and 3rd marriages for us!! We met at the church we both attended as kids but wwe didn't know each other back then!! LOL I wasn't lookin I was just trying to fix myself!! LOL I am so glad your back!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

    1. Ok I need to stop drinking so much coffee and proof read before I hit the send button!!! Have a great day!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  3. ok, wait. not seeing my post, but for sure making this ASAP.

  4. I love magic bars!! They are a Christmas staple!!


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