summer road trips and back to blogging ♥

summer schedules are in full swing around here.
well sorta.
staying up late, sleeping in, pj's and crafts are really what's goin on

i was talking to my hubby the other day...
telling him & realizing at the same time that i really missing blogging
doing projects and crafting posts are seriously lacking lately
and that's what used to make this place so fun...

but i suppose it was ok for a time
since life is all about seasons changing right?
different things happening
different things we go through

trying to make time for the important things
and building on what is eternal ... not temporal

"...the glitter of the world is tinny & temporal. the Light of My Presence is brilliant & everlasting." 
Sarah Young ~ Jesus Calling

so basically all that to say i'll be making more, sharing more, diy-ing more 
 ... again like i used to

i've been stocking up on supplies and garage sale finds for a few projects too 
... chairs to spray paint, curtains to make ... i have a list going
things to get done
memories to be made

we packed up every year and hit the road for a 16 hour trip to NC to visit family
we love it there... the beach, the weather...chic-fil-a...
there's no chic-fil-a in NY. no sonic either. no ikea or world market anywhere near here either
but whatever ... i'm not bitter or anything

i brought this beauty along on the ride to keep me busy
i actually found the whole piece as you see it in the picture 
(minus the pretty rainbow thread)
at a thrift store for 7 dollars!!!! one of the best things i've ever scored.

the day before we left my littlest went to a my little pony birthday party ... we made her a few pretty things
including one of the my little pony necklaces i had for sale in my shop ... i'm in the process of making a bunch more so keep an eye out! they'll be available soon.

this was my travel pillow :)
which i was also thinking of making a few covers and listing those in the shop as well
any interest? the fabric is so cute ... i never get tired of it

have you seen the you are here mugs from starbucks??
i'm obsessed with them. my hubby very pleasantly puts up with my crazy shenanigans 
and found most of them for me (that guy) (♥) 
we tried to get one in every state on the way down, but man, they're tricky to find. 

yup. another thing NY does not have.
do all the places like the south better?
guess so.

For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him ~ Philippians 2.13

the peach milkshakes are my fav.

we spent a bunch of days at the beach ... then a hurricane came. boo.
that sorta messed up our beach plans, but we made up for it later

i stumbled onto these heavenly things at joanns and decided to ditch my plain old single colored
embroidery floss for my map project and use this braided variegated goodness instead


more mugs :)

more progress

a trip to Charlotte for the weekend called for sonic drinks and a little crochet
i was working on this pillow pattern. it's so cute. go buy it. you're welcome

yum... strawberry limeade
... speaking of Charlotte, we loved it there. i want to live there.
for real. i wish we could.

i bought #allthethings at world market

and ate lots of pretty candy

rainbowtized pompoms make the beach even prettier

even more progress
i'm working on duplicating the pattern so i can have it listed in my shop if you're interested in stitching your own state map with pretty embroidery floss from joanns (and believe me that's the only place i could find the floss ... i looked everyyyyyywhere) hope to have the pattern figured out by next week maybe

the ride home was long but we made it ... and i ate more candy

be back real soon!!


  1. Girl your posts always give me a huge grin...I just want to jump inside of your rainbow colored world. :)

  2. Loooooove the map. (and everything else) Can't wait to see it finished!! :)

  3. Welcome back to blogging Jaime. Can't wait to see what you come up with. I also visited family in NC in the last few weeks and we just did miss the hurricane. But we still took a day to drive to the beach at Surf City and stick our toes in the sand - it is therapeutic to do that each year. I love living in the mountains of TN but miss the living close enough to the beach that you can just drive there in about an hour. Good memories! Looking forward to seeing the finished map.

    1. thanks for your comment Donna! never been to Surf City, but we really want to move to Charlotte :)
      maybe someday! have a great week ♥

  4. I love the embroidery project you're working on, will you add a dotted line showing your family road trip? Have a great weekend.

    Lisa x

  5. Such sweet and pretty pictures!! Looks like you've been enjoying summer to the fullest so far! :) I have that same vintage recipe box on my desk right now!!! Looking forward to your posts!! :) Wishing you a lovely weekend! xo Holly

  6. I'm not too far from you, over here in Erie, PA. We just got our Krispy Kreme and Chic-Fil-A (LOVE) within the past 6 years or so. So there is hope yet! I have an online mommy friend who lives in Rochester though and from her posts, you have awesome Wegmans stores! We have Wegmans too but it sounds like yours is better!

    1. so true ... we do love Wegmans! i always tell my hubby i don't know if i could live without it :)
      so maybe there's hope for us yet if PA got all the good stuff! we might too. (fingers crossed)

  7. love that map of the US! You are going ot make it look so incredibly pretty!

    1. thank you so much Jennifer! i can't wait to get it done!

  8. Sounds like fabulous adventures were had by your sweet family! I am SO loving that variegated embroidery floss!!

    1. obsessed isn't the word. i looooove it ♥
      happy new week :)

  9. Your post made me want to hop in our van and make the trek from Minnesota to see family where I grew up, on the coast of Virginia...where Chick-fil-A and salt water abound! I even thought how fun it would be to craft along the way...and I am no crafter. Thanks for letting me live vicariously through you. :-) I picked up the "you are here" mug from the very first Starbucks in Seattle when we were visiting last fun and a reminder of great memories!


    1. you're so very welcome Sarah! thanks so much for your sweet comment ... have a wonderful week mkay?! ♥

  10. OH YAY my Jaime girl is getting her blogging groove back on!! I have missed you but I look(stalk) your Instrgram but I can't comment I had to give my I phone back Blondes are not meant to have them!! I am so glad you missed blogging!! I am trying to blog a bit more too!! And that USA map is so freakin cool!! It almost makes me want to get one from you!! AND the floss is perfect!! I can't believe you don't have a World Market. They even them in Michigan. No Chic a place either and there is an Ikea down in south Mich. Woo Hoo I am soooooo glad you are comin back!!! BOOM XOXO Love ya Fran.

  11. What a fun trip even though there was no Sonic, Chifila, or World Market ( Thanks for sharing the great pics. Love the pom pom towel :)

  12. I would love to get one of those USA maps! Yours is awesome!

    1. i'm working hard on the pattern! hope to have it in my shop very soon! ♥

  13. I am DYING over that pillow. i would totally buy one! what a fun road trip. road trips are my FAVORITE!

  14. I love the map and would totally get one if u sold it!! I would like to embroider the states we have visited and then we can see where else we need to go!!


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