little shop update

last night i listed a bunch of fun wrapping supply kits - bits n pieces of crafty goodness
yarns, twines, ribbons, lace, papers (mostly vintage) all packed nice & neat into boxes and bags

i love to scour rummage sales during the warmer months 
(which aren't very long here) (this winter has just about killed me) (SanDiego here i come)
i look for awesome supplies, fabrics, papers... 
really just about anything that's vintage or just plain pretty. 
i have a few secret places i like to visit regularly, where i find lots of good stuff too.

some of the supplies i find gets used as packaging for my shop ...
the rest gets put into pretty milk glass or baskets waiting to be put in grab boxes

i have family that comes to my rescue
when the washing ironing folding stuffing packing winding and wrapping 
all gets to be too much for just me :)

my craft room becomes a sunny place where we eat lunch, laugh, do homework or play trivia crack.  
it's my happy place ♥

each one of these boxes comes with small amounts of mostly what you see here in these photos
but you can read the listing description for the specifics...

there are a few left if you love bits & pieces of little pretty things

craft, wrap and create to your little hearts content ♥
happy friday!


  1. How beautiful and inspiring! The colors are just what I need to see right now. I'm tired of white ...

  2. you always brighten my day, girl!!
    xoxo kerry

  3. So pretty!! Love all your bright colors! Our winter has been very snowy and very cold.....I'm ready for spring! :) Have a wonderful weekend!! xo Holly

  4. Lots of pretty colours and textures here. So glad your family is helpful and supportive to you.
    Hugs & smiles,

  5. Well gosh darn it I still LOVE those groovey happy color Jaime Jars with all the coolness in them!! lol XOXO Love Fran.

  6. So excited I finally grabbed one of these cute packages! Love your style, girl!

  7. Those packages sound like FUN!!! :)


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