insta-april and a free mini calendar ♥

it's May ♥ one month closer to summer
#summer forever
spent some time at a local greenhouse/nursery
so beautiful ... God is the ultimate Creator ... in awe of His color palette

print one for you and one for a friend ♥

use it in your planner or right in your journaling bible!

pretzel crusted brownies. yum

my youngest is not so young anymore, she's growing up. new glasses and all.

found a little time this month to re-decorate & re-organize some areas in our home
still not done though. are you ever really done? there's always something that needs updating, fixing or purging. it's a never ending process

my youngest outgrew her heffalump room (she still loves her lumpy) 
it was fun having her be old enough to have input, and really help choose what we did with her room

going back to my roots with fabric tape that will be sold again in my etsy shop soon!
just a little sneak peek here :)

my mom taught me to have a tidy, welcoming, comfortable home
she always goes above and beyond when company comes over
even when it's just us kids...

work table happiness

 so happy to help other women dive into the Word and be able to express their God-given creative talents on the pages of their bibles

April was good to us, but i'm looking forward to warmer weather and looking out my studio window at my neighbors beautiful trees bursting with flower blooms ... it's a gorgeous sight ... i'll try to remember to get some pictures for next month's sum up

much love ♥


  1. Reading your blog always puts a smile on my face. I love all your pictures and bright colors. Super cheery :) Thanks for always sharing your sunshine with us all :)

  2. Love the THE RUBIE GIRLS on the John Deere it's my fav. Your pics are always so pretty just like you. Keep on Keepin on!! XOXO Love Fran.


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