happy August ♥ and a new mini printable calendar

July was so good to us ♥
it was full of vacation
camp and lots & lots of ice cream stops!

we got to go out for the day on a friends boat ... and tubing! 
kids love it! me not so much. i'm chicken :)

my older daughter is going to high school this fall. so crazy...
my little is still holding on to being a kid
somedays she's so grown up and i'm sad
but other mornings i walk into her room and find this
her crumpled up messy bed, legos, superhero girls and remenants of Jesus time 
oh my heart ♥

as much as i DON'T like NY in the winter
i really love it the rest of the year
we've had a super dry summer, it usually rains quite a bit here so it's been a nice change of pace

with zuchinnis growing like crazy in the garden and a tennager who likes to bake
the mixer is always on in the kitchen
snickerdoodles were on this day's agenda
i just kinda felt like my cuppa tea needed a cookie.

i just got a new happy planner so i've been cutting out the printable stickers from her shop at night during tv time. it's so relaxing and so much happy to see them all in this little sticker binder!

my husband and i celebrated 17 years at the end of July
17 roses were waiting for me at home
it's his signature thing ... roses :)
marriage is hard. but it's beautiful isn't it?

hope you're having the most wonderful summer ♥
we still have almost 5 weeks left before school starts 
so pool time, hot dog eating and sleeping in is still going strong!


  1. What a beautiful family you are! Thanks for sharing your life and the sweet little calendar. Now I've got to check out Amy's etsy shop. Those stickers are darling!

  2. Such lovely photos and family! The calendar is pretty ♥



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