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well September came and went!
life's been so crazy busy
have you been keeping up with me on instagram?!
i'm @raisinguprubies over there :)

soccer season's been in full swing and there's two more weeks left. bless.
it's fun to be out there watching your kids, but sleep & Saturdays go together 
and i like my sleeping in
hallelujah amen.

i'm gearing up for the holiday season in my shop!
i'm adding new things little by little and right now this weekend 
there's a coupon code for free shipping! 
go use it!
think Christmas gifts, teacher gifts or treat yo'self gifts

this past week i added a whole new fall collection - journaling cards & planner clips/bookmarks

apple picking season has begun!
a local U-Pick farm is right down the road from us and the apples are delish.
and cheap. so we go a couple times before they're all gone and it's freezing.
boo winter.

i mentioned in my last post, that I've been using the project life app
and i am SO hooked - i'm making weekly page layouts 
every Sunday night, football is on and i'm doing my layout for the week and am filling up a scrapbook with tons family memories, which hasn't been done since 2007.
it's empowering ladies. try it! i think the app is on sale for 0.99 cents right now too!

love this guy. he's pretty smokin.

my youngest got an instax camera for her birthday, she's a pretty good picture taker :)

i've been making batches of character charm necklaces and keychains for stocking stuffers but they're flying out of the shop as soon as i put them in ... there's a few left right now but i do hope to add more over the next couple weeks too.

looking for a bride-to-be gift? these are new in the shop as well ♥

guys. i found this shirt at CRACKER BARREL. for real. it's my new favorite place!
and i love it so much. i've had like 8 people stop me to ask where i got it
their reactions are so funny when i tell them where it's from ha!

download and print, one for you and one for someone else who loves rainbows too ♥

much love you guys!

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