yarn wrapped fall wreath ♥

i love fall in upstate
it's so pretty here
and the donuts and cider are everyyyyywherrrrre.

i always get an itch to make a new wreath in the fall
and when i accidentally stumbled upon this beaaauuuutifuuul yarn in michaels last week
(i was looking for another type of yarn that i can't find anywhere)
i knew i had to make something out of it

guys. this yarn is plush
it's so soft and luxurious
i'm wondering now if there was other variations and i missed them because i was mesmerized with this one. 

i picked up a styrofoam wreath form on the way out in isle 9
(just kidding i'm not really sure which isle the wreath forms were in but nine sounded good)
and wrapped it around and around and around
do this step while Jimmy Fallon is on - doing his Donald Trump impersonations
 it goes faster if you are watching Jimmy Fallon

you can use hot glue to secure the ends onto the styro
in my case i was upstairs on my bed (watching Jimmy Fallon)
and i was too lazy to plug in my glue gun
so sewing pins work great too!

added a little Martha metallic paint to all the tips of a package of white feathers (from michaels too)
(ps i love Martha's paint. it has the best thickness and THE BEST colors)
(cause well duh. she's Martha)

i used pins to secure the feathers (or again hot glue would've worked great) starting near the bottom and working my way up towards the side
i dug through my ribbon stash and used some navy satin ribbon to wrap a sort of "cuff" around the one side hiding the feather tips that were left showing at the top

and that's it! are you gonna make one?!
so easy. so fun

wreath. check
mums. check
pumpkins. check

i think my front porch is ready for fall!


  1. Very unique! I have never seen that yarn! Thanks for sharing. I wonder if it does come in other color combinations -- like one that work for Christmas, for example?

    1. it might! i'm going to go back and see too! thank you for the comment! xoxo


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