little box of sunshine gift idea

we sent this happy little box to my mother in law for mothers day
and i thought i'd share here with you all in case you're looking for a fun gift idea that's easy to put together and is such a surprise to the recipient!

i saw the idea on pinterest and decided to put a box together to send off to North Carolina
and after a trip to target i had a bunch fun stuff ... 

that happiness book is really cute - there's some funny things in it
i know this because i was chuckling in the isle at target while i flipped through it :)
i put all the little odds and ends in the clear catch all bag 

i lined the inside of the box with some bright yellow paper & double sided tape
the brighter the paper the better! you want that box to shine when all the flaps are opened :)

the flat rate box from the post office is free! and you can pack it full no matter what the weight 
and send it off for a flat rate fee priority mail (2-3 days) for around $15 i think, i can't remember the exact rate but it's around there :)

the paper i had was 8.5 x 11 and fit perfectly in this small flat rate box leaving only a little gap at the bottom on one side but you won't be able to see it once you fill it up

a little trimming might be necessary near the top flaps
and i just placed a full sheet on the bottom with no tape

the best part is this clipart that i got here
from my best girl's etsy shop - simply purchase, download, print and cut!
a little more of the double sided tape to place it where your heart desires and that's it!

i also printed out the text from microsoft publisher on my PC - cut & taped that to the long flaps

fill you box and send it off!
i know whoever receives it won't be able to help but be so happy :)
the only thing i was missing was yellow basket straw - you know that crinkled paperish stuff that comes in all different colors? filling the space at the top with that would've kept the yellow theme going, but i only had white tissue paper on hand, but yellow tissue paper would work too right?

some pictures of us girls on Mother's Day ♥

that's my mom - doesn't she look good?!
hoping i get her slow aging genes :)

whatever Mother's Day means for you i hope it was filled with joy and happines ... even if it's sort of a sad day for you whatever the reason, know that God works all things together for your good! even in the sadness (especially in the sadness) He's molding & shaping you into who He wants you to be ♥ remember that every heartache and trial you face was first sifted through His hands before it got to you so take comfort in that girls.
much love to you


  1. Love the yellow! So summery, happy and sweet. I bet she loved it.

    1. she really did ♥ thanks for reading along with me here! xoxo

  2. Jaime you are the bomb diggity!! LOVE the Sunshine you are sharing!!! XOXO Love Fran.


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