Thursday, August 31, 2017

friendship pins

summer is coming to a close around here and we're soaking up the last of it
we spent alot of time in the kitchen baking goodies & making crafts this summer
these friendship pins were probably one of our favorite projects

you can make your own with some seed beads and a few different sizes of safety pins
we purchased both at Joanns & Michaels

with a quick search on pinterest, we found a bunch of pin "patterns"
flags, animals and lots of other things! 
you can find my "summer" board here where i pinned a bunch of them

 it's a little bit of trial & error, but once you start making them it's addicting!

my younger daughter ended up finding an empty bead box in my craft room and started to use some of her spending money on more supplies ha! 

her box ended up filling up pretty fast and her little fingers were working even faster!

some of the bigger beads were surplus from my supplies (mostly found on etsy) 
& she had some of the character charms in her rainbow loom stash.

we found these canvas sneakers at five below for only $5 
and she added puff paint polka dots to the front of the sneakers 

for the hanging pin designs like the flag one - we found out how to slide the hanging pins through the loop of the main pin - just think of it like a key ring - use a small pliers or even a thumb tack to open up a little bit of space in the ring to get started - once one pin is in the opening it's easy to slide the rest through

once all the hanging pins are on the opposite side of the closure side you can pin it to anything you want - shoelaces, jacket lapels or backpacks!

she even made some friendship pin earrings! so fun ♥

if my feet were small enough
 i'd be borrowing these happy rainbow shoes from my daughter's closet fo sho :)

happy crafting!


  1. What a fun, colorful, happy project! I think I need to make some of those earrings for myself! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Cute stuff as always...Lucky for us they have your creative spirit!

  3. Jamie,

    These are wonderful! I almost forgot about making these. I have to get out my beads. Where did you find the happy face ones?



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