2018 daily tracker - free printable

happy new year everyone!
and the new year means new goals & fresh starts for everyone
so i thought i'd share a little printable i made to keep a visual reminder 
of the habits i'm trying to make stick!

every year i tell myself that i'm going to read my bible through by the end of the year and every year i drop the ball somewhere - whether i'm weeks or months in, i somehow lose track and just revert to my usual quiet time of journaling or reading certain passages that are outlined in my current devo...

last year i stumbled onto this daily reading bible at my local christain bookstore
 and fell in love with it ♥ the One Year Bible Expressions is on amazon here
it's different in the fact that it's sectioned off into 365 daily readings with chapters from the old & new testament, one chapter of psalms & a short passage from proverbs.

it has wide margins for bible journaling and some of the pages have pre-drawn pictures for you to color - if you're new to bible journaling just do a quick search on pinterest and you'll be inspired!

most of the pens and pencils i use in my bible are whats pictured here in the post
sometimes plain old colored pencils 

black skinny sharpies are my go-to everyday pen and the bonus for bible use 
is that they don't bleed through the thin pages

and check out this inside cover!
i started filling it in with colored pencils last year and have yet to finish ...

i carved out a dedicated space/desk area in my craft room for all my bible journaling/reading supplies
but i rarely use it ... the kitchen table or tucked in bed is usually where i end up :)

if you're trying to start and stick with a new habit this year - 
and color in the days as you go along throughout 2018
whether it's reading your bible, journaling, exercising or eating healthy remember!
don't strive for perfection - just strive for progress ♥

if you download & print or share pictures on instagram 
be sure to tag me so i can see your progress! 
and share some of your goals with me in comments below
i'd love to know what you're up to in 2018!
much love ♥ 


  1. This is so neat! Thanks so much for sharing! I love all your colorfulness! Kelly

  2. Jaime,

    This is wonderful! I love it! You create the best things. I am planning on printing this out and using it for nearly everything. Happy New Year!


  3. Thank you for the inspiration! I will be sharing this for our upcoming Home Bible study for members to use. Love it to track prayers, bible study, deeds, thankfulness, etc. Each will decide how they want to use it.

  4. What a great idea to help form good habits. Thank you for sharing this!

  5. Thank you for encouraging me to move forward with reading the bible in a year.

  6. I'm essentially satisfied along with your great work.You put truly extremely supportive data. Keep it up. Continue blogging. Hoping to perusing your next postfax broadcast


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