Lego figure display frame ♥

my youngest currently loves minecraft, legos & books - we did a huge overhaul in her room last month really purging and cleaning everything so that we were left with only what she really loved and wanted to keep. i always tell my girls that every inch of their rooms are valuable real estate! i try to equip them with the thought that if it's taking up space in their space then they should really love it or really use it! 
if not - gone!

we were talking about how cute the little lego people were and that just hiding them in one of her bins seemed like a sad thing to do :) a quick look on pinterest (how did we live without pinterest?) 
and we found the frame display idea

 the frame they used had a solid white back but we went to joanns 
and decided to use this clear glass floating frame instead

 next all you'll need is some hot glue, a ruler, tape and some white lego bricks like the ones pictured ... we have lots of extra legos from sets that are no longer played with or are outgrown so we were able to take from there, but if you need to buy some i know individual legos of every kind can be purchased at the lego store if you have one nearby 

we measured, divided then decided 5 lego people per row was how we wanted to lay it out

we used the ruler (with tape to keep it in place) and a sharpie to mark where the bricks would be 
then glued them on near the top of the ruler line so they would be even and straight

there was some trial and error to it ... like some of our DC super hero girl legos have feet that are wider than the traditional lego people and their feet hung off the front and back of the brick - so we added a bigger dab of hot glue to raise the brick off the glass a bit for more room which you can kind of see in the picture below

she put them on their pedestals in the order she fancied and we were done :)
we had about 20 figurines that she really wanted to display, but if you have more than that they had so many different sizes of these glass frames at joanns you can go bigger! or to use a frame you have on hand just remove the backing and leave the glass in the frame on it's own.

we installed new shelves above her desk to display the bigger pieces she's built and made room for some of her favorite books too. let me know if you try this idea! i'd love to hear how it goes.
much love ♥


  1. I had pinned a similar idea some time ago. No Legos in my house, but my grandchildren have loads of them and could really use this idea, I think. I really liked your clear explanation of how you did this.

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  3. This is SO cute! And, might I say, it could work for husbands, too! HA!

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