Monday, December 16, 2019

simple Christmas gift ideas ♥

Merry almost Christmas friends!
we're only a little over a week away from the big day and you might be overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, but don't be! bake some cookies, put the kettle on and have some tea with me while you browse through some of my pictures - then you'll realize gift giving doesn't have to be complicated or over-thought - 
just simple and from the heart ♥ 

the baking inspired gift pictured above started when i saw this post and decided to make a batch of homemade vanilla extract for Christmas gifts! (just be sure to think ahead when gifting these, since it takes a while for the mixture to infuse before using) i knew i would want to pair the bottles with something before i handed them out - so off to browse the isles of Home Goods i went :) i found the glass measuring cups (because who has enough of those?) some cute spatulas & kitchen towels - then some pretty ribbon for that extra special finish. 
oh and the free printable labels for the bottles are from here - aren't they super cute?!

another idea is to keep a basket or crate by your door - fill it with with multiples of the same gift - something simple, inexpensive & that anyone will love - something that you can hand out to your mail carrier when they delilver packages, the bus driver as the kids head out to school in the morning or for the neighbors that you see outside or beat you to it and pop up at your door first! this year i bought a few of these BIG boxes of chocolates from Costco - at only $10 each they don't break the bank, but still feel like a substantial gift.

 take it up a notch with some ribbon, jingle bells and even a handwritten note or tag! 
boom. a simple store bought gift with a side of thoughtfulness - 
people notice! and they feel special ♥

a few years ago i gave my mom and some friends this super fun slipper filled gift - 
it was received so well and full of things that pamper your recipient.
the slippers were from target at the time but any slippers will work - even for a guy gift.
i tried to color coordinate the items i put inside which is easy to do once you start browsing the isles - first place i go to is the travel section! think nailpolish, chapstick/lip gloss, face masks, lotions, candy even a rolled up magazine or a book if it will fit.

i went next level for my mom's gift by adding a small 
kate spade monogrammed ID holder that i got super cheap during a black friday sale online.

when my girls were still bringing teacher gifts to school, mugs were my go-to starting point when i wanted to build a gift - not too expensive and can be filled with anything! initial mugs make it even more personal - i would put these types of gifts in a simple gift bag with tissue paper if it was travelling to school with my kids - if it is for neighbors or friends, just hand it over as is - with a waving hand & a big smile on your face :)

just a few more ideas i pulled from my camera roll from way back - these felt buckets were in the dollar section at target and the mugs were from pottery barn - they also had a huge sale on monogrammed blankets so i tucked a few of them into gifts for some of the couples we are friends with through my husbands work.

'by the fire' was the theme i had in mind when i put these gifts together (i know, i'm weird)
 sipping cocoa with marshmallows & peppermint sticks, blankets and chocolate ♥

and in the end - if you're in a pinch - grab a box of mandarin oranges - in those really fun crates they come in around Christmas time - and tie a ribbon around it with bells & chocolates tucked in between the fruit - and walk it right next door! (or send your kids ha.) who wouldn't want to have that hand delivered on Christmas day?? with a house full of company that would be just the thing to put out between dinner & dessert. If you have extra time you can make an clementine wreath like the one pictured below using cellophane wrap and bakers twine to separate each one - jingle bells and a bow with a special note and leave that on doorknobs for neighbors who are out for the day - what a fun thing to come home to :)

i hope some of these ideas inspire you to give a few simple Christmas gifts 
to people you don't normally think about or maybe to someone who you think might feel overlooked ♥ happy gift giving friends!

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