craft table plans & water ♥

hello wednesday ♥

for those who wanted the craft table plans
i put them on the ♥ make page...up in the navigation tabs
they are simple, handwritten plans :)
we might be crazy, but we're no professional plan makers
(maybe someday i will type them up in an official document)
(but who knows when that would be...)
(and i didn't want to make you wait till -who knows when that would be :)
(plus i'd rather make stuff)
(for my problem with parenthesis...see here)
(and check out my new pics too! while you're there)

got all that? :)

i really do love spring...
even though we have funky weather in upstate NY

pretty aren't they?
well they didn't look like this when they arrived home yesterday 
when Paige pulled them out of her backpack 
(Paige is 9)
girls...lemme tell ya what she brings home...
snails (in baggies) (yes, snails) (yes, in her backpack), wild onions, rocks of any kind, 
nasty-germ infested slime in a container that she's probably traded some very nice toy for...
she never ceases to amaze me with the wonders that survive the bus ride home
the words 
" guess what i have?! "
immediately put me in a -karate chop/aim for the garbage- stance
these little purple pretties came out of the black hole of wonder lookin' like limp noodles

" i picked these for you mommy, in the field at school "
" when did you pick them? "
" at lunch "
it was now going on 3:40

i told her i would put them in water and we'd wait to see what would happen
shame on my doubt...i was positive 3 hours, plus a 30 minute bus ride home 
had done these guys in

i was wrong
so often we miss the lessons from His creation that mirror the daily struggles in our own lives...after all, it's His creation, He made it...there is so much to learn from it

on the days when life's got you beat up feelin' like you've been stuffed in a backpack all day parched & motion sick from a bus ride home...
go to the Water

here's a peek at my kitchen windowsill 
it's one of my favorite places in the house
(maybe cause i spend so much time there doin' dishes)

it's my little "thinking place" 
often home to a couple of 3x5 cards ...with stuff i want to remember or think on
our church has been doing a series on the family
last week pointed out what i already know but so very much needed to hear again 
the needs of a husband & wife and how they are so different
over time things dull...i forget...then God reminds me that i need to remember :)

i found the little ledge/shelf thingy at Goodwill 
i just painted it white, now it's home to anything i don't forget to water
(hubby secretly keeps things alive for me...
he's always asking if i watered something or other)

i'd like to show you my kitchen soon...i think you'll like it :)

much love...


  1. Thank you for the plans!!!! ...and, loved the flower post - needed that today. :)

  2. If your kitchen is anything like the rest of the things I've seen on your blog, I can't wait to see it!
    You are one talented lady!
    I'm a new follower.

  3. Hi Jamie! Just wanted to let you know that I featured your cute blog today!

    Hope you had a good weekend!

  4. I'm loving your blog. Congratulations for the work :)

    Colorful kisses ♥

  5. Just beautiful! I really needed that. Thank you.

  6. Hi,
    I love your blog. However, I am having trouble finding the craft table plans. I am new to blogs and pinterest. Can someone help me find the plans?

    I have my room ready and waiting for this table.

    My email address is


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