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Sunday, May 20, 2012

a once upon a time master bedroom remodel ♥

hi ♥ how are ya?
as i was writing this post i realized that i'm really bad at tying up loose ends...
are you?
i'm super ambitious about starting new projects...i totally over do it...then i'm burnt out
i want to be more simple

and i think over the course of this past year, that's really changed for me :)
i'm learning how to use my time for the things that are important
i'm learning how important it is to stay on top of things
meal planning, cleaning, laundry, filing...
if i just take the time to maintain those things, then i'm not staring at a huge pile of paper to shred, or maybe a meal that's not be started and it's going on 6:30 (yikes)
(i'm a really bad procrastinator too)

so in an effort to keep my self disciplined and stay on top of things, I wanted to show you some more of the love i put into our home...then have you hold me accountable for the "loose ends" 
that are still waiting for me to get busy!

this is a sweet little tour of our master bedroom that we worked on last year...i wanted to make it a resting place for both of us...quiet & romantic :)
so often the little things in marriage are lost in the busyness of life or the raising of our kids...
those little things are the things i wanted to capture in this room
(even if it's when you're completely exhausted 
and you can barley keep your eyes open to enjoy them)
come on in and see ♥

the previous owners did us a wonderful favor 
by installing beautiful hardwoods throughout the house 
it was much easier to plan the renovation 
without having to worry about tearing anything up!

this is the room when we purchased the house 6 years ago...

the chandy is from Home Depot...the ceiling medallion was made from an old mirror frame and some batting & fabric...i want to share how i did it with you soon :)

this dresser was a goodwill find

here it was waiting to be helped :) i got it for 39.99 folks...

spray paint + lace + hardware = ♥

 hubs built this simple frame and covered it with radiator metal 
as a way to camoflauge the satellite box and still have the remote signal work
is anyone interested in instructions for this?
i'm sure he has plans...if i didn't lose them :)
it still needs something on top of it to sort of help it blend in...
i'm searching for old books at yard sales
maybe some white vases next to it too?

take a peek around this's all things pretty ♥

found the desk at a yard sale for $10 the stool too...but that still needs to be recovered
i have the lace to make a skirt around the bottom of the desk, 
to look more fancy instead of office-ish

the spider hook for the scarves is from Hobby Lobby

 these window treatments & most of the pillows were made with vintage hankies and linens that were thrifted or given to me (by family who knows i like old stuff :)

these white lamps? used to be this:

the major renovation done to this room (building wise) was the board & batten wall behind the bed, hubs added crown molding to act as a shelf to hold frames & candles ♥

now that pretty dresser from before...well that's mine
this is my hubs and it need something  above it...
thinking it's going to involve maps :)

 just a few details...

MasterBed To-Do List:

map art above dresser
line dresser drawers
some sort of lace added to corners of canopy
pearl tie backs for canopy panels
recover stool & make skirt for vanity

thanks  for spending some time with me! 
i hopefully with have the craft table plans up soon 
along with some new photos on my ♥about page
come back and check it out! 

much loves to you
sweet parties here ... ♥


  1. This looks like such a relaxing room! Great job! Did you use curtain rods to hang the sheers around the bed? I love that and would like to do something similar around my girls' beds!

    1. Yes! I did use curtain rods...simple huh? we screwed those white covered cup hooks into the ceiling (i think we used an anchor :) and hung 3 separate rods on each side...voila! instant (cheap) canopy :)
      thanks for the love!!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous! What a great transformation! I'm so jealous of your pretty vanity and comfy space!

  3. Simply beautiful! You did such a wonderful job. I love the board and batten wall.

  4. Hi Jaime, just discovered your blog via pinterest and love it. Your master is lovely. I think my favorite part is the vanity area. I certainly know what I'll be picking up at Hobby Lobby next time (that place is just too much!)

  5. Beautiful! It makes me want to do something with my master bedroom (love the vanity!)

  6. OOhh lala!!! im in love!! fantastic work!!

  7. WOW WOW WOW! I am seriously in love with this room. I can't even believe the awesome transformation. You did such a great job. Feel free to come do mine. We would love to have you link it up at our party.


  8. Lovely!!! What a great creative way to cover the satellite box. Our television, dresser and satellite box are in the same location and I'd been trying to think of a way to cover it. I'd love the plans for it. :)

  9. So Cute, thanks for sharing. I needed the inspiration to redo my master bedroom. Can I ask where you got your vanity mirror? Thanks!

    1. Hi Karin ♥
      You're so welcome! ...i got the mirror at a yard sale last summer, it was an oldie as you can tell, it was a very shiny gold color that got a coat of nice white spray paint :) check thrift stores too...i see similar ones often...hope that helps!

  10. I'm your newest follower and I love what you've done with your bedroom. Very soft and romantic looking. I was wondering if you could tell me the wall color and where you got it. I'm painting my closet and wanted to match the grey grout in the tile. This color looks perfect! Thanks and have a blessed Sunday:) jamie

    1. Hi Jamie!(sweet name)
      thank you! i'm glad you like it...the color is called "Anonymous" by Behr :) happy painting!

  11. I really need to follow your lead and stay on top of things! Starting with my work in progress master!

    And I just love your "after" ... so restful and romantic. A perfect place to focus on your husband and marriage ...



  12. Wow! This is fantastic. Will you please come re-do my bedroom?

  13. Jaime, your master bedroom looks amazing! I'm the same way, I get so motivated to start projects but have the hardest time finishing the last details. It's a constant battle with myself :). I love the color you went with in here. Beautiful job!

  14. Olá Jamie,
    Parabéns!Lindo seu quarto e todo o seu blog
    Queria ter projetos e conseguir terminá-los.
    A maioria ficam pelo meio , inacabados
    Admiro pessoas como você.
    Estarei sempre aqui para visitá-la

  15. Hi Jaime! New reader from Iheart organizing! I'm in love with your blog! I have a couple of questions about things from this room. First is where did you get the word "love" from that is so pretty! Also I was curious about the little heart jar by your lamp. Thank you!! :)


    1. Hi Lauren!
      I'm so glad you're here! ....ok so the love mirror is from Hobby Lobby and I saw it there recently...the little white flower vase by the lamp on my vanity was from a garage sale :)
      much love!

  16. Hi, I also found you through Iheart Organzing!

    I'd love instructions on how the satellite box was covered, it looks great!

  17. Hi Jaime - Ditto for me - just started following and the satellite box cover would be a lifesaver :) Love your blog!

  18. Hi there, absolutely love this room, I see no one has asked what kind of paint you painted the lamps with. I would think a regular paint would chip off the glass?

    1. Thank you so much!
      You're right! it would scratch off if it was on the outside...once i took the lamp hardware apart, i was left with just the glass domes that were painted pink on the inside...i swished a little bit of turpentine around the inside and the paint came off leaving me with clear glass. That's when i just used regular white paint (leftover from the bedroom trim) and coated the insides with 2 coats, making sure to let it drain & dry between coats...hope this helps! thanks for stoppin by ♥

  19. Wow... I can't believe you got that desk for $10! Did that include the hutch, too? Man, what a great deal. I am assuming you repainted it. I have to make the effort to go to more garage sales to try to find goodies like this. I am on the hunt for a vanity - and a repurposed desk would be perfect.

    Also, that jar of notes is adorable! Way sexier than me putting cute notes from my husband in a filing cabinet.

  20. Came over from Remodelaholic and am now a subscriber. Love your blog and love your room. I'm in the midst of a master redo myself and love so many of your ideas including the cover for the satellite box. Also love the bench - may I ask where you got it?

    1. Hi! so glad you're here!
      thank you...i'm glad you like the room :)
      the bench at the end of the bed was from Kmart last year on clearance :( I haven't been back there recently to see what's new...maybe something similar?
      ♥ much love

  21. all i can say is AMAZIZZZING. what a great job and so romantic. would love the plans for the box. you actually have inspired me to "finish" my room. thanks for sharing....

  22. Beautiful bedroom. I love everything!!!

  23. Absolutely beautiful, Jaime! Not sure what I'm drooling over most, but must say that is such a clever use of doilies! I'm sharing later this week on my blog about using them, and will link to you...simply gorgeous.
    God bless!

  24. Hi Jamie!
    I absolutely LOVE this room! I have had a design almost identical to this in my head and I love that I found your blog today. Make me excited to redo my room!

    1. thanks Amanda! i'm glad you found my blog too! so glad you're here...
      ♥ loves

  25. Your room is absolutely elegant!

  26. Jaime, would love a little more info on the board & batten wall. Is it still the sheetrock wall in the background or is that a wood covering? Was the paint on the wall semi-gloss or high gloss life the trim? Are the vertical boards 1x2's? Sorry, so many questions. We're planning on doing this in our bedroom. Beautiful job!!

    1. Thank you!
      the wall behind is the actual wall (drywall) it's just painted...the gray paint is a semi-gloss finish :) and the boards are 1x4's. Hope that helps!

  27. What a beautiful room! I have been looking everywhere for a way to disguise my dvr in my bedroom and your idea is wonderful! Could you share instructions?

  28. Love the attention to details! Thanks for sharing! Where did you get that amazing black comforter?

  29. It looks fantastic, what an amazing transformation!

  30. This is really beautiful....and inspiring. I really love the lace that you put over the silver on your dresser. Is that some sort of a sticker? I can't imagine how you did that. Would love to hear from you and try it on something. Thank you!

  31. Hi,

    Just wondering if you could share the instructions for the box made from the radiator cover please? I absolutely love it and want to attempt it myself!

    Many thanks!

    1. I would love the details on this as well! Love your blog!

  32. Just found your blog and absolutely LOVE what you have done. I am working with several old Antique pieces that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon and really need help with what kind of wireless lighting to put into the pieces that do not show.
    Also, I would LOVE instructions on how to make the cable box cover. AMAZING!!

  33. Hi, I have a few questions: Are you based in nyc?
    and about the roll top desk, is it a child size? what are the dimension? I am looking for one for my tiny space but I want it to be small enough to fit in but big enough for an adult to use. I like the concept of the room, that's the color scheme I have for mine also, you have great ideas. I am hoping to purchase a roll top desk and paint it the same or the same color scheme you have for the entire room. Thx!!


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