magic to-do list fairy: wanted ... ♥

i've been trying to get to this little blog of mine :)
i have so many things i want to make...
and share with you guys

but y'all ...
(in a Paula Deen voice)
('cause i'm not southern, even in the least bit)
it's summer, and my girls are still little
i want to enjoy them
and i had so many things i wanted to do with them this summer
and July is coming to an end, meaning summer's half over :(

so this is when i start to panic
when i start to pray that God would just, for the next month, give me 32 hours in a day

so between trying to get everything ready to open shop
and regular everyday wife/mama/garage sale summer life
i find myself with only (can you believe) 24 hours in my day (shocking i know)
(not many of which i'm spending sleeping)

i've always been ambitious, always been a go-getter
i get that from my dad...
what i also get from my dad is my serious lack of time management
i mean SERIOUS, as in not there, non-existent

my to-do list yesterday was ridiculous
i think it had 16 things on it
which i knew i couldn't possibly accomplish in one normal human day
but i wrote it down anyway 
the problem is when i get to the end of the day
(and i can maybe cross one or two things off the list)
i beat myself up ... like i'm mentally participating as a contestant on Wipeout 
i knew i was setting myself up for failure when i wrote the list in the morning but i did it anyway, hoping, just hoping that somehow the magic to-do list fairy would come and make that to-do list, not only all crossed off, but then scrap-booked, doodled and matted on some burlap and lace in a pretty frame right near my kitchen sink
on display for me and all to see

no ... 
just me and my faulty time management to-do list problem
just me being human, wife, mommy, friend, sister...and over acheiver
so here i am down on myself 

then the Voice
like a million waterfalls
says I Am Enough
be still and know
tears streaming down my face 
is when my Sweet Savior quietly scoops me up into everlasting arms
and since it's hour 23 and a half and i still have 14 things left on my list
 i surrender
but why do i wait until i get to this point of exasperation?
why don't i just give up the rights to my list first thing in the morning?
that's what God wants from me ... i know it
it's just so hard to let go of control
so that's what i'm trying to work on right now ... that's where i'm at
so thanks y'all (Paula voice) for the listening ear :)

came across this last night on Pinterest
i've read most of Lysa's books, and i'm sure this one won't disappoint
if you have a minute check it out ... she cracks me up

Click to read Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion about this!

that's totally me in the picture
 i mean really 
who doesn't want to just put their head in an over sized purse 
and scream at the top of their lungs every once and a while??
(i don't officially know if she's screaming at the top of her lungs, but that's what i think she should be doing with her head in an over sized purse ... and this is my blog ... m'kay?)


i'm working on a few projects that i think you'll like
and a grand opening date & giveaway for Sugar 'n Spice
... so come back soon!
(pretty please with a cherry on top?)


  1. Slow down and enjoy those precious children. They will grown before you know it. Just put your head into a big bag and scream ;-)

  2. I'll be here when you get back. Enjoy your time this summer.


  3. Deep breath- deep breath....deep breath. Enjoy every MOMENT with those kids- blogging can AND WILL wait. There will always be the opportunity to expand into the blog world...but those babies will be grown and gone before you know it...and YES...You ARE enough- xo Diana

    1. awww...thank ladies! for your encouragement and for takin' time out of your day to stop and visit :)
      ♥ much love

  4. Every single day of my life.These moments of frustration (and with my age...I mean wisdom?) I usually look up and smile knowing that God is telling me He is in control not me. Judging from those gorgeous girls it is always fun at your house...smiles...Renee

  5. Awww, I know the feeling all too well. There NEVER seems to be time to get everything I need done, done. I just take it as a reminder that I'm really not superwoman like I'd like to think but totally dependent on God to see me through. I'm starting to be ok with this more and more. Each day, I just pick a few things from my long list of things to do and give myself permssion to slack on blog stuff when needed to spend time with my family. By the way, I'm looking forward to hearing more about your store opening. I imagine the products will be fabulous. I can't imagine how exciting it must be for you.

    1. thank you for the encouragement Kacey! i can't tell you how excited i am about the new shop...i can't wait to show you guys!!
      ♥ much love

  6. I hear you. I could use 32 hours and 4 hands. I was happy to find your blog not too long ago, and I am excited to see your new shop. :)

  7. Yes, yes, yes, enjoy those babies! We just adopted our first child, & I'm trying to soak up every moment I can with him......... but it is tremendously hard not to get overwhelmed by stuff! Resting in the Savior's arms & listening to His voice is always such a great reminder of what & Who truly matter in life.

    1. amen girl! thanks for the sweet words & for stoppin' by ♥


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