diy laundry canvas art ... ♥

hey all!
today i'm posting over at Everything Etsy
head on over and take a peek at this fun and easy Target knock-off project :)

i can't thank you all enough for the sweet words & kindness you've all poured on me about my etsy shop! i'm so blessed ... and golly gee i'm so stinkin' excited!!

i'm scramblin' to get everything done :) 
and since i can't sleep due to OCD overload, i've been crafting till all hours of the night!
(i'm sure the coffee's not helping either)

hopefully i'll be back before Monday to share this super cute project 
i've been working on for my girls 

much love to you today ♥


  1. That is a really cute sign, Jamie! Hope your shop does well! xo Diana

  2. Love love love this! And love the chalk board behind it!

  3. Tomorrow's the big day!! So happy for you :) <3

  4. This is darling! I love your blog! XO, Aimee - Your Newest Follower


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