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Friday, August 17, 2012

take-a-long pony house ... ♥

we are obsessed
with what you ask?
mason jars?

my little ponies
that's what i said.
my little ponies 

yes ... these cutie patootie ponies!
from top left ...
rareity ~ rainbow dash ~ pinkie pie ~ apple jack ~ twilight sparkle ~ fluttershy
(it's way cuter when it's a little girl, with a little girl voice who's telling you all their names :)
have all become official members of our household
aren't they so cute!?
(ok, i'm totally reliving my childhood)

so, it all started a couple weeks ago 
when my girlfriend and her 2 girls came over for a play date
and they brought their my little ponies ...
 besides lovin' the my little pony cartoon
they wanted to use some of their "spending money" on ponies...oy

we're even going to a my little pony birthday party this weekend 
(yes it's for the little girl who started this whole thing :)
so i decided to make a house for my girls to keep their ponies in 
and make another for the upcoming party 
(could i have said ponies one. more. time.)

i started off with an unfinished box from Hobby Lobby

and a few things

plus some more stuff as i went along :)

i used scrapbook paper & mod podge to cover the box
then finished off the seams with bias tape

lace trim around the opening with some buttons just makes it more girlie :)

using some clipart and tracing paper i made a horse cameo on the front of the box

added some embellishment :)

on the back, i wove some ribbon through these little wooden fences i found at Joann's 

glued the ends and used a small clothespin to secure the "gate"

they can open and close it when the ponies want to play in the pasture :)

the inside is so fun!
a little printed felt (also from HL)
some scraps of ribbon, lace and burlap made up the buntings, rosettes and the little circle rug
(see how i make the rosettes here)

these are the stowaways in the little basket for the birthday girl ♥

this is the first house i made for my girls
it was much more fun the second time around when i had everything figured out :)

love handmade toys ... don't you? ♥

i'm hoping to have one of these pony houses in the shop on Monday for the grand opening

don't forget to come back Monday for the giveaway 
and to check out all the cuteness in my etsy shop
it's gonna be a fun fun day!
can't wait!

much love ♥
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  1. These are darling. It is easy to see why God gifted you little girls with this kind of talent! Smiles..Renee

    1. i just love your sweetness Renee...thank you! ♥ much love

  2. That's it now....I'm moving in and you are going to teach me to craft just like you!!!!!!!! Be there soon :))))

  3. Jaime, this is darling! I was so excited when you mentioned on IG that you would be blogging about it. My favorite feature is the folding "fence" on the back that is woven with ribbon. Genius idea! You ROCK!!! I am inspired by your creativity today. Thanks!

    1. thanks girl! so glad you stopped over! it was super fun to do, itchin' to make some more! ♥ loves

  4. This is such a cute idea. The little girl that receives this will surely love it.


  5. Wow ! How fun. The girls must be in pony heaven :) So creative, they're beautiful. I wish my mind worked like that ;) lol

  6. oh my GOSH!!! PONY OBSESSION is Nothing new in the Dukes Home!! Little Miss A is their #1 Fan!! :D

  7. Adorable! Wish my teen girls were this age again so I could make one for them (or would it be for me?)

  8. That's such a amazing and cute styling for the pretties! So cute pony love!

  9. You're the best it! I need one! Ha! :)


  10. This is such a cute and thoughtful gift idea!


  11. Seriously one of the most adorable things I've ever seen :)

  12. Congratulations on your new etsy shop!!
    Love all of your amazing products!!
    I try to be a proverbs 31 one too!
    Thank you for the encouragement!!

  13. Jaime, I just visited your Etsy shop and loved everything I saw. Such creative fun! Your blog offers so much information and DARLING creations, I subscribed! I wish you all the best with your GRAND OPENING! God bless your endeavor, He has gifted you with so much talent.

  14. Amen to that, Proverbs 31 is great, I also love Titus 2 That is a good role model!!! We are raising up these little ones in such trying times. I praise God for your talent and magnify His Holy Name for the fact you use His word in your blogs and shops to God be all the glory and praise!!!

  15. This is so stinkin cute! Sooo creative. Handmade ALWAYS have so much more love:)

  16. Thank you for sharing your post on A Crafty Soiree, that my co-hostess Malia from Yesterday on Tuesday and do each week. Your project is on of my features this week, please come see it spotlighted on my party post, which will be up tonight at midnight. Thanks again for sharing your talents!

  17. Oh my word . . . I have a 5 year old who is OBSESSED with the ponies. I actually scoured ebay for one of those old pony carrying cases that looks like a stable so she had a place to put them, but now that I see your post I SHOULD HAVE MADE HER ONE MYSELF! Oh well . . . they're starting to outgrow their stable. Maybe they need a new play place . . . :)

  18. A-DOR-A-BLE!!!!My girls would have LOVED this when they were in their My Little Pony Stage...(I miss that age!) So cute...I love your style!!

    1. thanks so much Dana! they do enjoy playing with it :) but they have more ponies now, maybe i need to make a bigger one!

  19. This is so cute! My 3 year old daughter would love this. As she loves her little tin lunch box... I can just see the look in her eyes if she were to open a box like this on Christmas. You should sell these in your shop! (I just found your blog, and i can't leave ;) ) Blessings to you!


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