Insta Friday ... ♥

it's been a busy week of busy-ness 
we're almost back into the swing of things
after the BHG whirlwind :) and my in-laws visiting with us
i'm trying to catch up ... and haven't posted any Instagram pics in the past few weeks
so thought i would share them today ♥
are you on Instagram?? why in the world not?? it's super fun :)
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life rearranged

i kinda went totally overboard 'n crazeeee all out for the BHG photoshoot,
and checked a lot of things off of a very dusty "last things to finish up in the studio" list
a new sewing machine cover from a vintage sheet ... isn't she purdy?

the sheet strips turned into a bunting i've been wanting to make for a while
to hang above the built-ins ... and my fabric is organized finally 
i can see all of it right there! no more huge tangled mess in a canvas bin under my sewing table ... oy  
(i think a craft room update post is in order :) right?! yes.)

i got some layers and a trim... BHG was comin'!!
the day after Sandy, we were blessed with hardly any damage here, but school was cancelled for some reason ... the girls built a fort thingy out of sticks in the backyard 
then played in the leaves & mud

did you vote? 2 Chronicles 7.14 was on my mind that day 
BHG came, they shot, they left! it was a crazy-fun two days that you can read about here

got a few Christmas gifts crocheted while hangin' out with the hubby's rents 
who were up for a visit from NC
 they bring us all the bad things we can't get up here in the north ... 
Chik-fil-a ... nom nom nom
 Krispy Kreme ...nom nom nom nom 
(chocolate iced are my fav) ...nom nom nom
(then we go on a diet for 2 weeks)

these are my crazeee gurls
on a shopping trip
(i'm sorry but goofy hats & missing teeth get me every. time.)
(wish we woulda bought the hat)

i don't know if i'm getting old or what
but i was ASTOUNDED at the amount of Christmas candy that's at Target!
um,  do we need this much candy??
(nom nom nom)
cute gift ideas & tutes for Christmas coming up soon!
 ... happy felt rainbow bows make me happy :)

oh and since you're here and i've been rambling on and on and on
for a ridiculously long amount of time
 check out our favorite song this week ... it's awesome

happy weekend ♥ loves!


  1. hey, dropped by via pinterest :-)
    i like your blog & shall return!
    greetings from hamburg, germany

  2. Looks like lots of fun!! :) Thanks for sharing your photos!! :) Hope you have a happy weekend! xo Holly

  3. What a good time you have been having, Jaime. Love all your photos....and YES! There is so much Christmas candy already that it is unbelievable. xo Diana

  4. Oh those sneak peeks of the photoshoot look fun! I love all the colors and the vintage materials. I will be keeping an eye out for your feature as I subscribe to BHG. Stopping by from InstaFriday.

  5. That sewing machine cover is adorable! I love the B/W stripe with the vintage sheet. So fun! :)
    Happy weekend!

  6. Love your garland and sewing machine cover! So pretty! Adorable photos of your girls!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  7. hello my girl - just want to say hello and thank you - because your blog just makes me smile...thank you! xo

    p.s. can'ttttt WAIT to see the craft room re-tour

  8. Way cute! Adorable post :D

  9. Oh my goodness Jaime what adorable girls you have!! You must go back and get that hat it is so darn cute on her!! I also LOVE that bunting you made it filled in the wall space so perfect!! Sweet colors!! I remember my Mom having all those sheets when I was growing up!! Perfect colors for your craft room! I just did an exhausting craft show at my church that I co-chaired it is very hard work!! It was in the basement too! My legs are aching!! LOL Looks like you and I both could use a nap!! Remember you must get the cute hat!! LOL I know make you feel bad you didn't!! LOL Take care!! Keep sharing with us!! XOXO Love Fran.


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