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i'm was so excited to see the spice jar project inspire you guys! 
thanks so much for all the sweet comments ♥
throughout the next few months (or maybe even the rest of the year :) i want to share some of the projects i'll be tackling, to whip a few problem areas in our home into shape! 
making them more organized and tidy, while helping us incorporate easier clean-up into our daily routine

i made a list ... it's really long ... ridiculously long :/
i went room by room and started in the kitchen
the spice-mess is done, now moving on to other parts of the kitchen which i would like to work on this week, while trying to squeeze a bit of crafting in here & there :)

inspired by one of my go-to blogs i {heart} organizing along with a few fun things i found at Target last week, (which were either in the dollar bins or on clearance) i decided to start operation-simplify-my-kitchen ... 
yay! right??!

♥ the place mats are for the shelves inside the fridge
♥ the glass containers have a pretty teal top (glass as well) that i want to use for an organizing project on another day
♥ the wrapping paper was used in the spice drawer and will get used in a few other drawers too
♥ i already had the gingham canning jars ... found them at Walmart a few summers ago ... 
but don't think they sell them anymore, i looked everywhere ... boo :(
those are for another space as well
♥ and my favorite find was the red wire basket in the dollar spot :)

i started my organizing frenzy in the fridge ... take a peek inside!

the place-mats make for an easy clean-up ... instead of taking the whole shelf out to wash, wiping down or washing the mats in hot water is much easier ... it's all about easy when it comes to cleaning for me :)

measure and cut straight lines, and they fit right in

this top shelf sees a lot of spill action from juice & coffee creamers 
(ahem ... my hubby has a little coffee problem ... he likes a little coffee with his creamer :)
(well no really, the coconut is mine)

these "pull out" fridge baskets are perfect for yogurt & lunch packing goodies
the girls can pull them out in the morning and choose snacks, fruit and veggies to put in their lunch ... it makes it fun for them, and less stressful for our morning when were in a hurry to get on the bus 
(which happens like never)

i'm hoping to make this habit one that sticks :) 
coming home with the groceries, washing and pre-portioning fruit, veggies and any other items for lunches and snacks that same day ... it makes everything easier when the 
"what should i have for snack" or "how many can i have" 
questions come up 
the mini muffins get put in the freezer to be pulled out and thawed the night before for a quick on the go breakfast before a busy school day or on our way to church :)

canning jars are my go to storage containers
they hold the smaller things in the fridge that you want to keep together ...
use a label maker or just some pretty paper with double sided tape to describe the contents of each basket

i like to pinch a few pennies and buy the large tub of yogurt
then just divide it up into small lunch size containers

i think the fruit is happy too :) ... with it's pretty new drawer liner

my favorite part of this whole thing? that wire basket from the $1 spot at Target that fit nicely on the door ... and now the eggs have a new home 
 a cute one to boot :)

next up! i'm moving on to my food & housewares drawers ...
and a cute little way to add some color to your kitchen with pretty things that are hiding in your pantry 
(and you don't even know it :)

much loves! ♥

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  1. Inspiring post! Love the colors and how neat everything is. What a great idea to use placemats! My fridge is over 20 years old and with textured shelves - it is stained and impossible to keep clean and make it look good. I'm excited to use this idea.
    I did a quick little search for the gingham lids and found these
    and they sound a bit pricey but if you were going to re-use them, it wouldn't be too bad. :)

    1. thanks for finding those Penni! you're right that price is not bad at all, and i would get tons of use out of them! thanks for the sweet comment! ♥ jaime

  2. What wonderful ideas! Okay now I have a few questions for you... How do you fit in your leftovers? Or do you have leftovers? The eggs... do you use them quickly? If not you might want to rethink your storage of them as eggs out not be stored out of a container because the new frost free fridge/freezer combos suck the moisture out of them making them go stale quicker plus they absorb odors, etc. Now I do believe I will have to be on the lookout for place mats to be used in our fridge as well as the handy dandy bins for individual portions. Anything to help my crew with their lunches and making mornings easier on them! Thanks for all the great ideas!! :)

  3. OH... just an idea. I found some gingham place mats a while back which I traced and use on my mason jars. We have a piece of tape across the center which I write the contents on, making it easily erase or change out.

  4. Love your organized fridge. Some great tips and inspiration.

  5. Great job, Jaime- It looks organized AND pretty! xo Diana

  6. Having a "duh, why didn't I think of that" moment on the placemats! Genius. I love the bins with the handles, easy for little hands to get their own snacks :)

  7. Looks amazing and I LOVE that contact paper! Thank you for the inspirational post!

  8. Great ideas Jamie! I got a ton of inspiration from your post! A TON!

  9. Love this! You did a fantastic job. It's colorful and very fun.

  10. Looks great! Question: where did you get the pull-out bins with the handles? were they from Target as well?

    1. hi Valerie! those baskets were from Wegmans our local grocery store here :( i do think i've seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond as well ... there is a link left in the comment just below for similar ones at Walmart ... hope that helps! ♥ jaime

  11. Thanks for the great tips and I was wondering where you got the pull out baskets with the handles also.

    1. Hi Lynn :) the baskets were from Wegmans ... our local grocery store here ... i think i've seen them at Bed Bath & Beyond though, hope that helps!

    2. Walmart carries a similar type but they seem smaller than the ones shown. Not sure though.

    3. Thank you for your suggestions. I will check Wal-Mart and Bed Bath and Beyond.......don't have Wegmans. Thanks again!!

    4. I have the ones from Walmart and they are smaller and seem to waste space. I found these other ones at The Container Store

  12. So wonderful! Thanks for sharing, and I love your spice jars from your last post, too! Have a great week! xo Heather

  13. I LOVE those handle bins for the fridge!!!

  14. Love those eggs in a basket!! Great ideas Jaime! thanks for sharing! xoxo

  15. I always love organinzing! LOVE this post! Secretly coveting that red wire basket for your eggs! :)

  16. What a great job Jaime! Everything looks so nice. I saw those fridge coasters over at I heart organizing and wondered if placemats would work just as well? I might have to try that in my own fridge. I hate having to clean up spills in there. I also love the bins you choose for organizing lunches and such. Thank you for the inspiration!

  17. I just love your organized fridge! Your red basket is such a great find! I want one for mine but my door isn't as spacious as yours. :( Pooh!
    I have some major organizing to be done in my ENTIRE kitchen.
    I'm so intimidated but hopefully I'll be able to use some of your great ideas!
    Thanks for sharing your awesomely clean and organized refrigerator, it truly looks great!

    Also, quick question... Did you find the place mats at Target? If so, which area of the store would I want to be looking for them?

    1. hi Nikki! the place-mats are from Target, in the kitchen section :)
      thanks for the sweet comment!! ♥

    2. Oh, you're so welcome.
      Thank you for the replies!
      I just love you and your blog!
      It's almost like Christmas when I see a new posting!

  18. OMG!! I love your organized fridge!! The placemats are genius and add so much fun and color. Also, love the basket!! Love it!!

  19. So wonderful!! And pretty!! Happy week to you! xo Holly

  20. Most beautiful fridge ever! I am inspired! Just bought one of those baskets too! xoxo

  21. Ek! you have the Prettiest Fridge ever now!
    LOVE the way your mind works!!

  22. Love the idea of using the placemats in the fridge!

  23. OMG Jaime now you've gone and rocked out the fridge!! I love it!! You make me miss my kids being little and having to pack lunches for school! My baby girl is 22 now and in college and works! She drives a school bus for special needs kids. Sometimes she does pack a lunch and it is so cute when she does!! I have those lids too for my canning jars. And I was bummed when I only bought one package. I got them at Walmart. That year they had the cutest stuff for canning. Maybe they'll bring em back!! LOL I also loved your spice drawer gig. Thanks for sharing once again!! XOXO Love Fran.

  24. Placemats in the Refrige...why didn't I think of that? That is such a clever idea! I love all your containers too. Your images are an inspiration to an disorganized slob like me.

  25. Wow, I'm impressed. Never thought of using the placemats. AND those baskets are awesome. I've got to get going and clean and reorganize my frig.
    Have no kids at home, but a husband who has a tough time putting things back where they belong. LOL

  26. i am organizationally challenged so i love this post so much! i think i might just attempt organizing my fridge and pantry this week...thanks for the inspiration!

  27. Just a note that I have those same pull out baskets and they sell them at The Container Store. I have been looking for plastic placemats for months so off to Target I go! Thank you for the inspiration!

  28. I would like to find something like you pull out baskets for the freezer. That's where I need organization.

  29. I have those exact ones in my fridge :) i love your blog and your idead are adorable!!!

  30. You've inspired me to reorganize my fridge! I just wanted to let you know I found similar baskets at the Container Store that I am going to order.

    Here is the link:

  31. Those are great tips! The red basket is soooo cute!

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  33. Don't the placemats block the light in the fridge from making it down to the bottom shelves? I thought this was a great idea, but my husband brought this point up and think it could be valid.


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