a few of my favorite things ♥

just a few handmade things & shops i've had my eye on recently...
just thought i'd share them with you since valentines day is almost here!
and maybe you're still looking for a few little treats to hand out ♥
and i'ts really no secret that i love vday. it's my fav.
maybe it's all the hearts & pastel colors.
no that i really like hearts or pastel colors or anything

valentines day is in my shop too!
i'm running a coupon code good through tomorrow night at midnight!
for 20% off your total purchase
♥ happy weekend ♥


  1. All pretty and I really, really, really love the colors!

  2. Thank you so much for featuring my Mint Green doilies. What a gorgeous collage. I am off to go click on all your links xo

  3. I have been following you on instagram for a little while now, and I love your blog :)

  4. I just adore your blog and all its cuteness, Jaime! I have copied some of your ideas with mason jar garlands & such to decorate my craft room and to display my 2013 "word" and my 2014 "word." I really hope you don't mind, and I have given you "inspiration" credit and a link-back when I've shared these things on my blog. I blog just for fun and do not have any monetary connections. I think you make the cutest and most precise crocheted hearts and am still trying to master that. I'm a novice when it comes to crochet, but I truly love it. I love to visit your blog when I just need a dose of "sweetness." Thank you so much for all of your creativeness!


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