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Friday, January 17, 2014

diy ♥ my little pony necklaces

yay it's friday ♥
and it's almost the weekend
which means we need to make stuff ... and valentines day will be here before you know it!
you NEED to put some of these together for all the little girls you happen to know :)

i made these last month, 
when i had a little bit of time the week before Christmas to make a few gifts
and my craft night besties and i, have an annual cookie exchange/craft night 
where we exchange not only cookies :) but gifts for each other and for our daughters 
(comin up with crafty gifts for boys seems harder right?)

and to make things a little easier most of our girls are really into my little ponies right now
and um ... (clearing throat) so are the mamas. 
(and one dad) (yeah you know who you are one dad) 
loved how simple these necklaces were to put together!
what you'll need:

- drill
- very tiny drill bit
- 1/2 inch screw eyes
(found these in that isle at Lowes 
where all the washers & screws are in those little drawers)

- ball chains
(from hobby lobby - these were 18 inches)

- and some miniature my little ponies 
(found these at toys r us)

the only thing that you really need to figure out is where to drill the hole for the eye screw
we stood the ponies up since they all have different heights & stances
then drilled a hole on the top of the head where we thought
 they would hang best from the chain without being crooked
make sense?

screw the eye into your hole and that's it!
it should look like this ...

all the little girls loved them!
seriously i've considered wearing some ... they make me so happy
they'd even be cute layered on top of each other if you make a bunch

twilight sparkle, pinkie pie and applejack
i just love how colorful they all are

and did you know pinkie & AJ are cousins?? yes they are. so my littlest little tells me
helloooo. mom. don't you know this? it's important stuff

there a few of these  in my etsy shop too!
 if you'd rather scoop one up
without all the intimidation from the power tool 

take a peek at this cute pony house project i made last year too while you're here :)

happy making stuff!
linking up ♥


  1. I enjoy watching this show too. My daughter is a year old and doesn't care about TV or ponies...She got some my little ponies for christmas, and I play with them alllllll the time!

  2. I just love you!! Everything you do is just so ADORABLE!!!!!!!!

  3. These are so cute, Jaime. My daughter used to love My Little Ponies.

  4. What a fantastic idea! My 9 year old niece loves Ponies, so I buy them for her for birthdays and Christmas... this would be a such a fun and unique gift for her!

  5. Ah! Those are too cute Jaime!! Happy Sunday! xo Holly

  6. Love these! My horse obsessed daughter is turning 7 in two weeks and these will be great for party favors.

  7. I was so glad I'd seen this! Last week my son got a My Little Pony in his McD's drive thru meal and was like, "Mom, WHAT am I going to do with THIS?" (He's five) and I said, "Birthday present for your little friend, Mommy can make a necklace for her!" So, yay, for frugal birthday presents! :)

  8. My husband and I are total brony and pegasister duo!
    And we don't have kids yet. We love this show though!

  9. Super idea! :))
    Kiss from Serbia,

  10. Super cute- thanks for the inspiration! I discovered that if you don't have a tiny drill bit, (which I do not) you can screw the eye hook right in. Yay!!

  11. Where do you get the ponies? Thanks

  12. Very cute idea! My grand daughter would love it, she is so into my little pony.
    Joy @ Books and Life


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