gold striped mason jar caddy ♥

nothing earth-shattering ... just a little idea here for ya 
i had this caddy on my kitchen counter, it held four plain glass mason jars with all of our silverware in them.  i think i got it at Walmart last year in the same section as the canning jars but i cannot remember the brand that makes it ... sorry!
i'd been wanting to do something fun to the caddy and the jars for a while but just couldn't decide what.
since there's lots of color in my kitchen, i wanted to do something different ... a little more on the neutral side

i found this project here ... and knew what i wanted to do!
especially since i had just brought 2 cans of shiny metallic gold spray paint 
home with me from home depot for a different project.
i gave the jars a quick coat of flat white spray paint first
then taped them off with painter's tape just like she did.

i couldn't decide whether to leave them clean & crisp or rough & sanded
a quick poll on instagram still had me undecided ... 

but i think most people liked the sanded ones better
and since i'm more into the chippy not perfect look right now i went ahead and gave them a light sand ... sprayed the caddy white too, and done! 

our silverware has a pretty new home and my kitchen has a pop of gold
i have a few other little ideas for the kitchen i want to tackle too ... 
that might involve gold polka dot burlap of course :)

happy new week!
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  1. Oh I love this! Just gorgeous...:) I'm really into metallics now and might have to give this a go! Thanks for sharing.

    Blessings, Vicky

  2. Love this! Saw it on your Instagram account and just had to stop by here and tell you :)

  3. So pretty! I love the white and gold combo :)


  4. Awesome Sauce!! It looks very professional my sweet lady!! XOXO Love Fran.

  5. Hi, I love your craft, is beauty, I love a colors, I follow your blog, hugs from Brazil.
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  6. Gorgeous idea! (Is the caddy truly from Wal-Mart? I have been looking for an affordable one for awhile!!!)

  7. Hi Jamie, as I was surfing last week I came upon your post and fell in love with, Yes the mason jars. I have elected you to be featured in my Wordless Wednesday this week. Hope you can stop by and take a look. And if you have a #WW please share it with us.

    Enjoy your day!
    Oh My Heartsie Girl


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