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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

rainbow button bracelet ♥

it's so sad to see people starting school already!
and i always feel about a month behind in the blogging/social media world during end of school & beginning of school time. we're still right in the middle of summer! we still have another full month of swimming, crafting, eating, pj's and sleeping in ... 
and really ... what else is there?

my older daughter found this project sheet at joanns last week. 
(not cause we're there a lot or anything) and she was excited to make it.
and you need to make one too ... or your daughter does, sister, niece whoever. just make one. 
it's super cute. and rainbowtized. so you'll need a few things which are listed on the back of the project sheet but we hit a few little road bumps along the way, so what we ended up buying (a few returns later) is on this list right here...

the project sheet said to buy jewelry chain that you could cut into a bracelet and attach a lobster clasp to, but we just bought a pre-made bracelet in the jewelry section right there next to the chains ... if you have a larger or smaller rist you might prefer to buy the chain so you can size it to your specifications ... the premade one fit my daughter just fine, and fit me as well.

 ... the project sheet said you needed random assorted buttons... but the 10mm jump rings did not fit into any random assorted buttons that i have. and believe me. i have a lot of them. so i headed back to joanns to try to find the buttons that were pictured on the instruction sheet ....  they were these pictured below in little candy store type containers ... now the only thing was each container had just one color in it ... all different shades, but in one color.
 (and there was no multi-color container option) a sign above me that said "50% off all buttons" caught my eye and i smiled.

a container of each color ended up being only three dollars or so and i think i bought 6 colors.
aaaaaand i had a 20% off your total purchase coupon. 
all six containers ended up costing $14 and some change ... 
regular price would've been close to $40 with tax! that's why i love joanns :)
the button container was a must since i knew she would want something to store all the buttons in ... 
and i figured she'd make a few more bracelets for some of her friends. 
and really it was just cute. so i bought it.

start by adding the smaller jump rings to the bracelet in whatever color order your little heart desires. use the pliers to open the ring and then close it once it's on the bracelet.
she spaced her rings into every other link going in rainbow color order.

once you add the small ones, you can add the buttons to the larger jump rings and then attach the larger jump rings to the small jump rings, keeping them all color coordinated

there were no yellow jump rings in the assorted color packages in either size, 
so we used gold for the yellow & orange buttons

once they're all added that's it. done!

this girl is so much like me... and in so many ways so different than me
she's growing up so fast. it feels like two days ago she went to kindergarten. it's sad in a way ... that people always say not to rush, to enjoy your kids because time will fly by. i always laughed and shook my head in agreement when i heard an older person say that. never really thought much about it.... until this past year.
i'm thinking a lot about it...

she loves crafts and baking ... and fishing and bugs ... oh and cars. 
yeah that's a thing her and her daddy got goin on. 
cause mommy doesn't care about cars ... or fishing. (or bugs) 

happy middle of the week ♥

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  1. What cute button bracelets!! I have 2 pre-teen granddaughters who I think would love to do this, so I'm off to shop at Jo-Anns. Thank you for posting.

  2. Very awesome!! I love that my daughter is artsy too! She was always my little crafting buddy when she was little. Now she's in the Masters Program in Connecticut!! Jaime hang on tight as you can!! You're a very good mommy!! Love your daughters smile!! XOXO Love Fran.

  3. Love it!! It's so cute!! What a creative and fun bracelet. Love it!!

  4. So cute! I love Joann's too! We just got one in our town and I have to limit my trips!

  5. nice blog i saw you thrue other bloggers...thanks for sharing!


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