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Friday, August 15, 2014

little basket of lunch packing supplies ♥

we have just a few weeks of summer hoorah left here
but i'm seeing so many littles on social media that are headed back to school already ... so i thought i'd share a few pictures of a little basket i keep in our snack drawer, that is full of fun things i use to pack lunch for the girls during the school year.

grab a basket, raid your cupboards & craft stash (since most of this stuff you might already have)
grab a basket, bin or container and fill it up with the following goodies to keep handy in the kitchen where you or your kiddos usually pack lunch

when i make wraps or tortillas in wax paper i use washi tape to keep it tightly rolled

ya know all those birthday party napkins you always have left over and are hanging around somewhere in a drawer? use them in your kids lunches! sometimes i find some fun ones at yard sales (still in the package) and add those to the stash

cupcake molds from the craft store are great for grapes, carrots and berries
or even goldfish or little pieces of candy

this picture is from my instagram feed ... this was the lunch i made my girls for valentines day ♥
just to give you an idea of how i used the molds

 find a little tin or container to store lunch box notes in ...
i find these metal recipe boxes at thrift stores all the time

i have a small laminator that i use to laminate the jokes once they're print & cut
 ... they survive the sticky applesauce and leaky juice boxes that way
... keeping them around for a while longer

i have a whole board on pinterest just for lunch ideas & links to free printable lunch box jokes
go get some! ... and here's another picture from instagram of my laminator

and of course a variety of containers (especially heart ones) are great for packing pretty much anything you can think of ... these were from target last year

at the beginning of  the last school year i purchased some re-usable snack & sandwich bags from one of my favortie handmade shops ... and Shannon (who is the hustlemama) is super sweet & hard-working!
she's always coming up with new products and everyone i know who has ordered eco-friendly goods from her, has been so pleased. even my mother-in-law couldn't resist after she saw mine! 

i just got a few new things from her shop ... 
washable lunch napkins (in rainbow colors. or course.)

washable sandwich wraps 

which of course my littlest little was over the moon about

Shannon has offered my readers a 15% discount on any purchase
just use the coupon code RUBIES when you place your order

she said this almost makes her want to start school right away. 

happy nutella sandwiches with sprinkles 
(lots of sprinkles)

what do you guys do to make your kiddos lunches extra special? do tell ♥

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  1. I want cute little lunches like these! :). I'm signed in as my hubby

  2. I want you to pack my lunch for ME every day! :) Everything is SO cute and colorful. I always send notes/jokes printables and I especially love the idea to put them in a file box like that. Pinned!

  3. How fun and sweet! Great ideas to make lunch special and sweet. You are so creative and sweet!!

  4. You definitely qualify for the mother of year award! You rock!

  5. I just wanna pack groovey lunches for me like like that!! And sometimes I do pack me lunches to go when I am helping people out!! XOXO Love Fran.

  6. I stumbled upon your Instagram and just knew I had to add your blog to my blog lovin' feed. This is so fun! I would totally do fun lunches if I had kids...I wonder if my husband would like it LOL


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