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Thursday, September 4, 2014

a little shop update ♥ stitch the states US map pattern

summer's officially over here.
but some happy news!
that pattern i talked about a bunch of weeks ago??
that giant US map pattern??
i finally finished it and it's listed 
as in as soon as you purchase it, you download it, you print it and you start! 
yay no waiting!

i've had a few questions about the pattern and some how-to's once it's downloaded ...

this pattern is only for the outline of the map and each individual state just like the picture, and it's to be made as you would make a counted cross-stitch. the actual stitch you are using is called a back stitch 
... it's really simple.

i recommend making it on 14 count Aida cross-stitch material, that can be purchased at most craft stores. you can make it on smaller or larger count fabrics, but i cannot tell you what the dimensions would be (smaller count would actually make the finished piece bigger - larger count would make it smaller, think opposite) the finished piece on 14 count fabric is approx. 14" wide x 10" high and fits nicely into a large oval quilting hoop (that can be found in the quilting section at joanns)

as fas as how to "fill in" the states, that's completely up to you... get creative!!
i filled them in using a simple straight stitch all the way across from one end to the other over & over until i got to the bottom of each state, that's it. 

or you could could fill them in with just regular cross-stitch

the floss i used is called variegated pearl cottom floss by DMC that i also found at Joanns.
the DMC website has a color chart and a really cool video on how this specific floss is made in France, it's pretty cool ... but that has nothing to do with the pattern :)
just sayin. if you're bored. an wanna watch it.

the pattern is also very large so it's easier to see.
it's spread out over 9 pages of counted cross stitch graph paper. once printed all nine pieces can be pieced together to get an idea of the layout... the arrows on the pattern make it easy to keep stitching when moving onto the next page while working on your canvas.

i think that's it!
if you think of any other questions please feel free to leave them in the comments below 
and i'll answer them as best i can! 

find me (@raisinguprubies) on instagram and you can keep up with my progress too!
and be sure to share your ig photos with me by using the #stitchingthestates hashtag!
hurry get started now! can't wait to see all your work!


  1. ooooh, this is so beautiful! I really, really want to try it! Thanks for making the pattern available!

  2. One question - will it print with the lines in the background {like the grids} or should I print on graph paper?

    1. thank you Kathy! yes it will print with the grid on the paper just like a cross stitch pattern :) happy weekend! ♡

  3. awesome! thank you ..... looks like the perfect project for fall and winter as I sit watching TV in the evenings!

  4. ooohhhh! i absolutely LOVE this! thank you so much :>D

  5. Congratulations!! I love the downloads...just wish I time to do the projects right now. Awesome!!

  6. Question ~ what are you using to stretch your Aida fabric while stitching? Is it one of those stretcher things near the hoops? I've never used one of those before......thanks!

  7. Do you have a photo of your completed one?? I’d love to see what it looks like.

  8. How did you print the pattern on your fabric?

  9. Would this work for an absolute beginner project? I mean, beginner as in never having cross stitched before.

  10. Maybe it's just me, but when I line the arrows up from page 1 to page 4, the arrows are off by 1. I've counted and recounted many times on the pattern, and they are off. Is this the same for every page? I thought the arrows were supposed to line up perfectly...


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