free mini December calendar ♥

well i say this every year. how did Christmas get here so quick?
i was scrolling though some old blog posts and got excited about some gifts & decorations i've done in years past 

this hot cocoa bar is coming back this year! but in a different spot and i'm gonna change it up a bit

this Christmas card / gift wrapping caddy is so handy to have around
and it looks cute on the kitchen counter or living room table ♥

yeah... that's not happening this year ha!

trader joe's christmas cookies for the win
and sprinkles in hot chocolate

taking in the last little bits of fall this past weekend
soon it will be covered with snow
for 6 months

guys. we saw Moana. 
we loved it! it's so cute!
disney never disappoints

hope you are getting lots of shopping, decorating and cookie making done!
much love ♥


  1. Hi Jaime... I love coming to your blog. You and I have the same taste in "Happy Colors". I really enjoy your vibrant photography too. Thanks for providing the cute December calendar. I will definitely print it up.


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