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Monday, October 1, 2012

vintage inspired message board ... ♥

Happy Monday!
if you're stopping over from FPTFY ...
so glad you're here!
and thank you to the lovely Keren
for making this vintage mason jar image so stinkin' cute!
   ... her beautiful graphics can be the starting point for so many project ideas
i want to share this one with you today!

This is a super simple project that requires just a little prep work,
and can be done with any image and with any size frame.

I used some white muslin {any fabric will do} 
white fleece
22 gauge wire {with the jewelry making supplies at any craft store}
iron on transfer sheets ~ I used these
staple gun or flat thumbtacks {not pictured}
and of course a frame  { i found mine at Goodwill
and spray painted it white ahead of time }

After following the directions on the back of the transfer sheet package,
(make sure you print your image in reverse!)
I cut the image out, very close to the edge before ironing it on to my fabric.

After it cools, peel the paper off of the image ... so pretty!
I cut 2 pieces of fleece the same size as the backing that came with my frame and used it as a insert between the cardboard and the image (just to give it a bit of puffiness)...

... fit the image around the backing & the fleece and put it back into your frame.
Wind strips of wire around the front of the frame, and attach to the back 
using a staple gun or flat thumbtacks.

Here is mine right next to my kitchen sink ...
I spend a lot of time here! {as most of us do!}
It's a place where I put notes I want to remember 
or things i want to focus on during my day ♥

a few more favorites of mine from her etsy shop! 

tons of ideas are floatin' around in my head!
the bicycle would be super cute on a library or market canvas tote 
maybe an apron or tea party tablecloth for a little girl's Christmas gift??!
baby onesies or blankets with the little birdie
the sewing machine is going to be incorporated onto my machine cover ...
if i ever get around to making it :)

thank you for all the wonderful images Keren!
much love ♥
sweet parties here... ♥

live.laugh.{linky}thursday ♥ live.laugh.Rowe.


  1. What a cute idea. My head is spinning, too. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Love your memo board, Jaime! The mason jar image is so cute and I love the others you show, too. Great idea to use the wire and clothes pins to hold notes and such.

  3. So very lovely -- love the Ball jar on it!

  4. Oh I love that!! So cute!! :) Happy Monday! xo Holly

  5. Love this! I love mason jars too! xoxo

  6. It's just beautiful! I've got to make myself one!! :o)


  7. Such a beautiful and sweet idea!! Love it in the kitchen!! xo Heather


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