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Monday, January 21, 2013

valentine ballerina pinwheels ... ♥ with fptfy!

i feel so blessed
by all your words of encouragement to me last week
and all the congratulations you gave me
i can't say thanks enough
for reading, following, and for ... well ...
lovin' this little blog here
i appreciate you all so much

enough with the mushy
another Valentines day project comin' you way today!
teamin' up with my bloggy bestie

♥ Keren from Free Pretty Things for You ♥

Click HERE to download the image for this project!

Keren's pretty little vintage ballerina image is cuter than cuteness
it had to be used for something Valentines-ish
i can't say it enough ... Heart Day crafts are just my favorite!
come on, let's make some stuff ♥

print, cut, then gather some supplies:
scrapbook paper, white tulle, paperclips and some ribbon 
(last two are not pictured)

i cut a small piece of tulle and scrunched it up 
then put it through the sewing machine to give the tutu a little dimension :) 
(hot glue would work too)

one. ♥ for the pinwheels, start by cutting your paper down to 8.5 x 8.5
two. ♥ cut that piece into four even sections
three. ♥ fold each piece into four sections (like a fan) 
then fold the whole thing in half, and paperclip the two sides together
four. ♥ do it for all four of the square pieces, 
using the paperclips to connect them together
(i used two paperclips to secure the middle as well)

flip it over and glue the ballerina to the front

punch a hole in the top to thread some ribbon through
lastly ... make more!

are you having a Valentines Day party? or a little girl's birthday party?
simple & fast party decor ... and cute to boot :)

thanks again to lovely, sweet Keren, for providing the vintage image!

happy crafting ♥

sweet parties here ♥


  1. If these were any cuter I don't think I could handle it!!!!! Your creativity astounds me and everything you touch becomes a precious smile of art! Thank you so much for being you...keep it coming...the world is waiting : ) hugs...

    1. why are you so sweet?!?! ha! thanks Andrea! you're like the best fan club a girl could ever have!! have a great week ♥

  2. Sooooooo cute!!!!! Where do you get such cute scrapbook paper? I'm usually at Joann's and they don't have anything cute or modern.

  3. Those are absolutely adorable and I bet your girls love them! Sweet little project! BTW....I saw you in mom gets the magazine and I couldn't wait to see it and show her your beautiful craft space! Congratulations again!

    Life On Willie Mae Lane

  4. Those are soooooooo terrifical : )
    What little girl wouldn't love!!

  5. So very cute and perfectly SWEET, Jaime.

    1. thank you sweet friend :) you're apron today is just the cutest thing Angelina! ♥

  6. SO perfect!! I love it.. The tulle in the skirt is the perfect touch :0

  7. Aww, what a super cute project! Thanks for sharing. :o)

    1. you're welcome! thanks for stopping over and for the comment!! ♥

  8. These are sooo adorable!! :) Such a happy garland! Happy new week friend! xo Holly

  9. I am loving the red paper!! you know me and polka dots... LOVE

  10. thanks so much for these cute girls


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