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Thursday, April 18, 2013

ten things for thursday ... ♥

it's no secret that i love vintage
i love a certain kind of vintage though
everything is vintage now-adays
so i think we need to classify vintage in certain categories
my category is the pretty, pastel-ish, girly vintage
i think that's why i love vintage linens so much 
they combine my love of fabric & vintage all into one piece of soft flowery goodness
i have lots of vintage sheets wrapped on fabric boards in my studio
and i love love love finding new things to make with them!
here's 10 projects that i want to make.
like yesterday.

oh, and guys! 
if you want to pin these projects 
please do so from the original site
thanks. you all are the best.

Pretty Bow Garland from Smile & Wave 
i mean really ... just too much cuteness in one spot


Ruffled Duvet by Danielle @ Blessed Serendipity
so much work! but so worth it i'm sure :)

Yellow Maxi Dress from Running with Scissors
i was so excited to make this for me and my girls ... i actually bought the pattern last year
too many ideas ... not enough time

Fabric Covered Shelves from Emmmy Lizzzy
one crazy day i woke up with the idea to decoupage my pantry shelves 
with sewing pattern paper
i held up for a couple years, now... some of the edges are starting to show wear & tear
i think i want to wake up with this idea next ... heehee

Wrapped Wreath from In Color Order
this is at the top of my list! so pretty ♥

storage baskets from a pretty cool life
i couldn't find a how-to for these on the site, but she mentioned a tutorial was in the works!

vintage sheet wrap around labels ... {LBG STUDIO}
vintage sheets together with paper? doesn't get any better than this...

pretty file folders? yes please.
vintage sheet file folders from Design Sponge


this is gorgeous & just so feminine ... wish i was better at sewing clothes for myself!

diy A-frame tent by Cakies
my girls would love this for summer time backyard fun
might be perfect for a daddy-daughter project? :)

the A-frame tent tutorial

now go thrifting! hit garage sales!
find yourself some of this goodness
(i'm so worried all the vintage sheets will be gone, and then what?)
(heehee :)
 much love and gladness in my heart 


  1. These are ALL soo beautiful! :) Gorgeous!! I love that quilt (ok... I love everything) :) hahaha

  2. I seriously love all of these! Your stash of vintage linens makes me drool. I have some linens too, bbut practically none of the thrift stores around me carry them. Sniff sniff. Lol.

  3. Hey Jaime-You see that blouse (second from bottom)? I had a set of those sheets and I wore them out! What fun to see that fabric here. Love all those projects- xo Diana

  4. Is all very lovely! My favorite the wrapping labels and the shelves... Thanks for sharing, Jaime!

  5. I loved all of those ideas! The doily on that metal box...genius! That dress is adorable! Thanks for sharing so many fun ideas, Jaime!

  6. What fun beautiful ideas. I wish I had vintage sheets or knew where to get some! I never have the same luck as others at garage sales or thrift stores. Look forward to seeing some of these projects on your blog in the future :)

  7. Oh I love all these fabulous things!! SO pretty, I just love vintage sheets & material! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Miss Jaime!! :) xo Holly

  8. Beautiful round-up of delicious vintage projects. Thanks bunches!

  9. All such sweet vintage inspiration!! Wishing you a happy and creative weekend! xo Heather

  10. Love this post!!
    I am so going to try those shelves...

  11. So much cuteness, indeed.
    blessings to you.

  12. All kinds of incredible "Jaime" style goodness! LOVE all the projects you rounded up. xo

  13. you just satisfied my craving for eye candy... xoxo


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