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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

game night! ... in a bucket ♥

a few projects around the house are still in full swing this week!
but i wanted to stop and share this fun gift i put together 
for a wedding shower i was invited to.
see i'm not your typical go to the store print off the registry 
buy six towels & a matching soap dispenser kinda girl :)
i figure the happy couple-to-be will get enough of that old lady boring stuff
and instead they'd rather have something different & fun!
(well at least i'd rather get this gift)
(much more than the soap dispenser)

this is kinda along the same lines as the baby bath caddy that i made up a few months ago
cept this is a great gift idea, not only for newlyweds, but for a bunch of different events.

round up a few things to get this bucket-o-fun started...

air poppers are reasonably priced, 
and the popcorn tastes so much better than the fake microwave stuff right?!
(especially with all that healthy butter & salt)

i also took it right out of the box, so it would fit better
i'm not fond of boxes & bags when it comes to making a gift pretty
i almost always take everything out of it's packaging 
before i pack it into an open gift like this
(i did tuck the manual and a gift receipt right behind everything once i was done)
(so don't freak out)
(all you original box lovers out there)

there's not much to explain when it comes to putting this together
all these supplies were found at Target
and the beverage tub was even clearanced out for the summer.

a few packs of card games would be neat to throw into the bucket too,
drink mixes ... candy ... anything you think you'd want to eat while playing games :)

on a side note, i have a special spot in my heart for the sunday comics. 
as in the funny papers.
when i was a kid i'd get so excited about getting sunday's paper
because that was the paper that had the "color" comics ... i'd read them once 
then come back and read them a couple more times ... weird huh?
and now i like to use them for everything
 for wrapping Christmas presents and boxes that get sent in the mail
... i just know that someday i'm gonna think of an ingenious idea 
for my stash of funny papers
just you wait and see...

ok, back to the bucket.
crumple up some comic paper and add a few pieces to the bottom of the bucket 
this way everything has a little bit of height.

grab some ribbon and tie it around 
(i used a piece of masking tape to secure the ribbon on the underside of the bucket)
aaaand if you like my tag, it's a free printable here for you to use!

just click on the image to download & save, then print on heavy card-stock

how cute to spend a fun evening home together as newlyweds 
popping popcorn and playing twister ;) heehee

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  1. So awesome, Jaime! I just love this idea. I'm thinking I should do this for some friends who are getting married next month. Thanks for the inspiration! As always, your blog rocks! Totally my fav & I'm not just saying that. :)

    Steph @ Silver Boxes

    1. awww! thanks Steph! that means so much to me :) have fun putting it together, it's so easy! ♥ jaime

  2. Fun idea! I'm pinning it for the future!

  3. Oh my goodness! Cute, cute, cute! I would have loved to get this cute gift too. But I'm a boring, buy off the registry kind of girl these days. I love it all and your cute self too! xo

  4. This is my kind of wedding gift. Love it! All of the little details make it awesome.

    1. thanks Kristi! and thanks for the comment! have a super day ♥

  5. Oh my! Perfect timing as we are headed to a wedding in just a few weeks :) (and a baby shower, too...)

  6. LOVE this idea!! I am so happy I found your blog!!

  7. What a great gift idea. Definitely going to steal this one and change it up a little for a friend who loves movies.

  8. A perfect gift. Thoughtful and fun.
    Thanks Jaime!

  9. So so cute! I would love to get this as a gift :)

  10. What a fun idea!! I love the tag!!! Super cute!!

  11. I love this! Thanks for a cute post!


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