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Monday, August 5, 2013

house-warming gift idea ... ♥

happy monday everyone.
hope your weekend was full of summer sunshine ♥
we had some happy, and some sad mixed in together this past week
one of the happy's was my friend's new home
and that we got to go visit for the first time since she and her family moved in.
she's a lot like me when it comes to decorating
and i had fun putting this basket together for her
filled it with a few things i'd love to have for myself as a domestic engineer :)

i'm just so excited about this project i found
it's a garland made up of all those free prints 
you know, the ones we love to hoard on our pinterest boards but never print out...
since the thought of buying and hanging frames for all of them is overwhelming ... 
so this was the best idea ever. 
can't wait to make one for here ... there's so many prints to choose from
i just can't decide... but how cool that you can change them up every so often
for seasons or holidays ... fun.

found this ceramic mason jar at joanns ... and whipped up a few of my cupcake paper flowers
i forget how addicting they are to make ... i could do it for hours.
it's so pretty to see the different patterns come together.
 make some. 
go now.

i added a few random vintage dishes, with some soap & sponges
i wanted to make some of these to put in there too...
but ran out of time.
that's how it always is with me ... 

i think she liked it :)
heck, i liked it... i wanted it.
but i gave it up. cause i'm nice like that.
happy making stuff.

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  1. Adorable! I will be checking Joann's for the Mason jar. :) Where did you find that cute basket??

    1. thank you! i need to go see if there are any more :) the basket was from a yard sale :) thanks for the visit!

  2. i love this. and i love creative and unique gift ideas. this is awesome. :)

    and what a GREAT idea for using all those free printables. brills.

  3. Fun, Jaime! I'd love all that as a gift myself!!
    Sorry you had some sad recently. We've had many a frustrating moments lately - if that helps you feel better any ...which I'm sure it doesn't, but worth a shot :)

  4. So darling and love all these sweet touches!! Love that cute creamer dish!! Sorry that you had some sad this week! Wishing you a brighter and sweeter week ahead!! Blessings, xo Heather

  5. Susan
    Another beautiful gift idea! You have a lovely way of putting love and thoughtfulness into a sweet package.
    Sorry about your sad:(

  6. What a cute, cute housewarming gift, Jaime. You are so good with these ideas- xo Diana

  7. This is cute, and so thoughtful!

    Kristen from The Road to Domestication

  8. that is so cute! you have such a gift for making things look so lovely. :)

  9. What a great idea! Love it all!

  10. Gosh, I wish you were my neighbor! Very sweet of you to share!

  11. Oh my goodness…I just moved and if someone came to my door with that gorgeous basket of goodies I would sit right down and cry. What a wonderful friend you are!

  12. I would love to get a happy house warming basket like that. So sweet!!

  13. Such a sweet gift to give. Love it!! Pinning it!!

  14. This looks so fun and pretty. I want one! ;)

  15. Wow, great post and gifts! I love these housewarming gift ideas and I'll surely consider this list when shopping for gifts. Thanks a bunch!

    All the best,


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