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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

rainbow pinwheel wreath!

hi all!
we're back from a wonderful vacation, and boy.
it sure is hard to face reality when sleeping in and krispy kreme donuts for breakfast at 12:30 in the afternoon was life for two weeks. yikes.
so we're trying to settle into a summer routine, it's been a little tough so far this week but we're striving for progress not perfection. and not staying in pj's and watching tv all day is making progress. ha. my shop is closed for the summer leaving me SO much free time to do crafts with my girls, fun projects around the house, bike rides etc.
and project life! i've been hoarding PL supplies for about 3 years now and haven't touched one album.
so i'm going to be working on that this summer too. any PL people out there? any tips for getting started? i want to keep it simple. i'm not a simple person and that's what keeps me from getting disciplined activites like project life done and kept up with. so i need to make it uncomplicated! 

anyways... back to this wreath :)
i found these ginormous rainbow pinwheels last month when we went into 5below and they had my name written all over them. i bought 6 and decided to try making a wreath with them somehow, and it was really simple actually

supplies you'll need // styrofoam wreath form ( i got the largest one i could find) 
// fabric strips // ribbon for hanging

the little pin the holds the pinwheel together comes apart very easily

and you're left with just the pin part to push into the styrofoam wreath

i made holes with the pinwheel to kind of get an idea for spacing

i ripped some fabric into a really long strips and wrapped it around the wreath marking with a sharpie where the holes were in the styrofoam

once it's covered and the holes are marked i snipped little holes in the fabric with really sharp scissors so i could push the pinwheels in easier

that's it! i put some ribbon around the form and hung it with a command hook

i love our little front porch, my dream home would be in the country (sorta in the country :) it would be white with black shutters with a wrap around front porch, rockers, bunting, lights and all ... but this little porch makes me happy.

my hubby found these hanging strawberry plants at wegmans and thought we should try them 
they have been SO AWESOME. we pick berries every few days and have them for breakfast or lunch and they're sweet!

i really really do love summer. i just love it.

the begonias & succulents on the front porch are doing really well this year.
i think i'll transplant the succulents into the back yard in the fall since they're perennials.
the begonias were hanging baskets that i got at the market. i transplanted them into my chalkboard pots that i made at least 3 years ago... they're holding up pretty good and they got nice and chippy.

i found the rocker on the curb probably 5 years ago. it's seen a lot of colors and cans of spray paint. i love making something out of old things people just don't want to bother with anymore.

much love to you and happy beautiful summer days!


  1. Hi Jaime I love your blog, its soooo cute!! I just started Project Life and I love it. I have to get rid of all my other scrapbooking memorabilia. If you have an Iphone, I found the simpliest way is the Project Life app. I would totally recommend it. Its so simple and so much fun your girls will love it too. Its my favourite.. Have a great summer.

  2. Your porch is adorable! I wouldn't have thought of a pinwheel wreath, but it turned out so cute. Love your blog!

  3. This wreath is fabulous, I am definately going to try that. I've been wanting to make a summer wreath to go on my newly painted red front door and this is the one. Its my birthday tomorrow and my husband and I are going to a beautiful coastal town for the day so they might sell the windmills (as we call them in England) there, I'll be on the lookout. I'm intigued by what Project Life is I'll have to Google it. i'm a lapsed scrapbooker so maybe its something I can get into too. Thanks so much for sharing, shame you can't share those strawberries too, they look delicious.

  4. Cute wreath and I love your front porch!! So cozy!!!

  5. I was looking for some cute printables and came across your blog. I love life's little surprises! As I was looking, I recognized pictures of the kids :) Thanks for sharing! Now I have some fun summer projects to do. My spices will be getting a makeover...


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