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Saturday, May 2, 2020

oatmeal butterscotch cookies ♥

how are you all holding up during this crazy time?
we're spending lots of time in the kitchen baking all the things and trying lots of new recipes
it's been a bit of a strange feeling for all of us - my oldest was at the tail end of her senior year and we found out yesterday that the remainder of the school year here in upstate NY has been cancelled - along with senior trip, ball, exams & their graduation ceremony :(
my youngest was in 8th grade, the last year of middle school here, her trip to Washington DC was also cancelled and her 8th grade formal, for which she had already picked out a dress (tear)

so even though all of that is disappointing - God is still good.
we've been using this extra time to do all the things we never seemed to have the time to do... crafts, water-coloring, watching lots of movies and doing projects around the house, actually my husband & my dad decided to finish our basement
no big deal.

if you've followed along here for a while you know my hubby loves cookies
cookies are actually the reason we met ♥
but that story is in a post somewhere if you scroll back ....
my dad also loves cookies.
my father-in-law too.
so i've been keeping the guys fueled up with plenty of cookies while they work on the house ... 
butter, sugar & eggs are on repeat on the grocery list over here 

all three of them love these oatmeal butterscotch cookies - they're definitely a favorite!
i've always made the toll house recipe on the butterscotch chip bag, but lately i've noticed that the cookies were coming out of the oven realllllly flat ... and crunchy :(
around here we all love a perfectly soft/done cookie with a bit of height and golden bottoms :)

with a little modification to the dry ingredients - i think i've finally got this recipe right where i want it - i upped the flour ratio and lowered the oats - i love the flecks of cinnamon in these cookies but if you're not a fan of cinnamon you can leave it out, it won't affect the recipe.

click here to save and print the recipe - then add to your recipe book ♥
make sure you don't over bake these - they will continue to bake for a few minutes after you take them out of the oven so when you open the door and are trying to figure out if they are done or not? if they're golden all around and *mostly* in the middle - they're done. 

i'm also in the process of tearing apart my pantry so that i can move all of the baking ingredients down into this baking area cupboard in my kitchen - it makes life so much easier to just reach down and scoop instead of carrying all these containers back and forth to the pantry - i'm not sure why i haven't done this sooner? #gamechanger i'll come back here and talk about it in more detail when i've finished putting everything together :) 
it's the little things friends.

a few weeks ago our trusty red kenmore toaster oven died on us - and it was then that we realized how much we use and depend on a toaster oven ... i hopped online and this cuisinart popped up as one of the best rated, plus it's a combination air fryer ... so far we really like it.
and let's be honest - i was sold as soon as i saw that it came in white :)

we also took some time this morning to decorate our front door for my daughter while she was at work - i got the idea from a friend who's daughter is also a senior at the same high school - was a fun way to encourage & make her feel special ♥ so that's what's been going on around here these past few -strange but in a lot of ways nice and also peaceful- weeks ...

i hope you enjoy these cookies as much as we do!
and if you make them tell me how it went in the comments - i love hearing from you all!
much love & sending hugs ♥


  1. Jaime,

    Check out your blog a couple of times a week. When you haven't posted anything new I jump over to Instagram but now you've gone private. Hope all is well and going to miss your pictures.


  2. Jaime,

    Hey, I keep trying to see your Instagram but it's blocked saying it is now private. I've tried to follow but that isn't working for some reason. Miss seeing all your pictures of you and the family and your life and the Etsy account.



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