Christmas card caddy ♥

i'm determined to get Christmas cards out this year.
de. ter. mined.

so when i saw this idea while reading one of my favorite blogs
i knew this would be the cute project incentive to get me going and keep me focused on getting those envelopes addressed. sounds so sad i know.

i got the silverware tray at target and the pulls & screws at Lowes (like she did i think)
the instructions are all on Jen's blog ... except i think a glue gun was used to attach the handles... but i had the hubs drill two holes on each end for the drawer pulls and used the screw size pictured to secure them. all screws have different thread sizes, so just make sure you buy the right thread size for whichever drawer pulls you pick out. (the nice man at Lowe's helped me figure that part out)

i haven't decided if i want to paint it yet.
(i know my husband will have to pick himself up off the floor after reading that)

or maybe decorate it? hmmm...

or maybe just leave it alone for pete's sakes.
just leave something alone for once jaime.

it's not like there's tons of cute stuff in it anyways ... 
that it would make it overkill or anything 

are all your decs up already?? only our tree is up ... which is not good
i'm very very behind.
and i have a long list of projects, crafts and baking to do
and gifts to buy ... sigh. gifts ... yes lots of things to do
go to target today and get the stuff to make this caddy
it'll make you smile.

oh and check out my previous years Christmas projects!
i forgot about some of these! cute!


  1. I am done decorating and done shopping. I do still have to do my Christmas cards and wrap presents. What a great idea with the Christmas Card Caddy :)

  2. That's a great idea. I struggle every year to get my cards sent out and sometimes I don't make it. *shame*
    BTW, I love the blog and the title is so great!


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