insta ♥ friday

hey everyone!
thought i'd play catch up here with my insta photos
you can follow me on instagram for daily stuff
i'm an ig junkie

holy happy mail! what was inside these packages?! 
see below ...
lots n lots of goodies ... spring grab boxes
these were for spring. even though it's not spring here. at all.
it's freezing and snowing. sad. i want to live in Cali. ♥

do you know Lisa Leonard? she makes beautiful jewlery
i got this stamped pendant from her shop with the word steadfast.
it's my hubby's OLW for the year so i thought i'd keep it close as well.

want to keep my mind steadfast on Him
He is the Rock Eternal.
where better to be?

donut date.

tulips from a small group friend
do you have a small group?

rearranging in the studio. always.

free coloring page! get it here

need to organize your life?? tell me about it.

smoothies for days. cup is from here

donuts for days. with sprinkles.
a donut without sprinkles is a waste.

i take dance classes at the gym. it's so fun. this is my new bag. 


i'm gonna have a huge lot of my little pony necklaces for sale in my etsy shop
hopefully tomorrow or Monday ... maybe they'll get to everyone by Easter for all the baskets :)

guess what!? these flowers came from France!
and they were brought into my studio by a stylist for Room to Create Magazine
for a photo shoot! isn't that crazy? i'll share more with you soon.
i can't wait.

made some changes in my craft room had to document. nothing major
just little stuff.

pendant necklaces are coming to the shop soon too! it's my first time making these 
so i'm really having fun with them 

ever tried making your own laundry soap? go here.
try it.

packed an after church lunch for the afternoon
vintage style. found these at a garage sale for a few dollars each

sunday breakfast. i love sundays

beads beads beads (and rainbows) (always)

i sold these last week on instagram ... they went fast!
there might be more in the future :)

my birthday was last week and the kitchen was full of flowers
i love flowers ... they brighten up a room instantly!
i was hoping they would hurry spring along, but yeah no. that's not happening.
it's supposed to snow here today

what are you up to this weekend??
happy friday!


  1. I love how you rainbowtize everything! Your pictures always make me smile!

  2. I love your Favor sign, what a greatbway to remind us of the favor that is on our lives.

  3. I really enjoyed this post! I love every single photo you post on Instagram, they're so cheerful ♡

  4. I LOVE THE DONUT DATE PICTURE!!!! MEMORIES WITH OUR LITTLE GIRLS ARE THE BOMB!!! I miss those days with my girl. She's at UCONN in grad school. Enter my sad face here!! I did it Jaime my husband got me a tablet for Valentine's Day I too am a IGJUNKIE!! Think there's a support group for that? XOXO Love ya Fran.

  5. I love how you have ruffles under your craft desk..probably to add more storage?


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