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Thursday, June 13, 2013

ten things for thursday ... housekeeping style ♥

i'm get super excited when it comes to making my own household products ...
maybe it's just the idea of making something yourself that doesn't have to come from the store.  
maybe it's all the chemicals that i know are being left out that's comforting ...
or maybe it's just cause it's fun to make stuff :)

during the summer months i want to try out a few of the recipes that i've accumulated on my housekeeping board on Pinterest ... i'm trying to convince my hottie hubby to get on board with me and try out the homemade deodorant ... 
not sure if that's goin' anywhere yet :)
here's ten things i really really really want to make!

oh, and guys! 
if you want to pin these projects 
please do so from the original site
thanks. you all are the best.

i've actually tried making dishwasher detergent before and it was a fail ...
after reading up on it again, learned that whether you have hard or soft water determines which ingredients you should add into the mix ... i need to give it a go again with this recipe

cleaning with vinegar is something i'm slowly getting used to ... but the smell, not so much
i love this site, and i've gotten so many great household recipes from her that really work, so i'd love to give this a try 

now this diy i can vouch for ... i've made this lavender spray for housewarming gifts and hostess gifts 
(if you don't like the smell of lavender, guessing you could add any essential oil scent and it work the same)

this is one i'm excited to try ... our garbage disposal gets so gross
citrus peels & ice help, but this looks like it might just give it that little boost of clean

garbage disposal refreshers -

we have ceramic tile counter tops ... and they're white :)
looking for something to give them a little shine ... this might do the trick
and i'm sure it will make the kitchen smell yummy too.

homemade lemon-scented all-purpose cleaner

lemon scented all purpose cleaner ~ simple bites

greasy hair girls need dry shampoo ... unless you want to wash you hair everyday
which i do want to. but i don't. anymore. i used to. not good for my hair.
and i do use store bought dry shampoo, but you should see the warning labels on these things! i feel like i should wear a gas mask everytime i use it ... so i'm looking for a natural alternative ... and i have dark hair. this one's it. :)

dry shampoo

dry shampoo for dark hair ~ a step in the journey

mama's have dark circles under their eyes
it comes with the territory :) this recipe looks like fun.

my girls are most excited about this one, since they don't like toothpaste because it's too "spicy" ? and besides the fact that toothpaste has some of the same ingredients that are found in rat poison & industrial pesticides ... ? yikes
after asking mr. google if this was true ... i spent a couple hours reading stuff and getting freaked out. go. google it.

aaaaaand this i need to make because my windows are really dirty ...
and i think this might just be the very best recipe. like ever. :)
(even if it's not i like this picture)

the best window cleaner ~ she wears many hats

last but not least, the homemade deodorant ... there are two recipes that i like.
my gal pal Ann Marie over at White House Black Shutters swears by this first one ... and i trust her. since she's hilarious ...

this second one appeals to me because it's more of a solid and the ingredients are a little different ... either way i'm sure some tweaking will be required when you're trying to make it work for you ... go read both of these!

homemade moisturizing deodorant ~ the purposed heart

 i also thought it would be nice to have all these recipes i'm trying, all together in one place. 
if you decide they're keepers, jot down the ingredients and your notes,
then it will be easy access when you plan to make more.

click here to download

i tuck this away in our household binder, when stuff's running low, 
i know right where to find the how-to's :)

ready to try some of these with me?? 
if you do or already have, tell me about it in the comments ...
happy making! ♥


  1. i actually use the cleaner for counters and absolutely love it!

    1. awesome! that one's at the top of my list :)
      thanks for the visit girlie ♥

  2. Fun! I'm mostly curious how the dry shampoo works out. I have yet to find one that I like (I'm a grease monkey - lol).
    Have a great day :)

  3. I want to try the dark hair dry shampoo!

    Amanda Rose

    1. let me know if you do! you might get to it before me! :)

  4. I'm excited to try the garbage disposal thing! Thanks!

  5. Jaime,
    I love all of the ideas; I think my husband would love most of them too. He won't wear antiperspirant because of the aluminum and other ingredients. I'd love to know how the dry shampoo works out.

    1. thanks Susan! might be slowly convincing him to try it ... we'll see :)

  6. I'm excited to try some of these! We make our own laundry soap and love it. It works so great I don't have to buy stain remover anymore! And we use to make an all purpose cleaning spray- 1 part vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle. The vinegar smell goes away pretty fast after spraying it. I really should mix up some more soon!

    1. oh! thanks for sharing Christina! really can't wait to get goin' with some of these either! happy weekend ♥

  7. Thanks for all the wonderful homemade goodies. Can you believe the FDA allows them to put that junk into our toothpaste? What the heck?! Should be against the law, I say. Thanks again for sharing!

    1. scaaaary! i know! thanks for the visit and have a great weekend :)

  8. Thank you so much - I have tried some and can't wait to try others. Also, thanks for the printable!

  9. Can't wait to try the garbage disposal idea. Thanks so much for sharing these homemade cleaners!!

    1. i'm excited about that one in particular :) get's gross down there for some reason! happy weekend ♥

  10. Those are some fun ideas. I like the ideas for green cleaning. I don't know that I could convince the kids to use the toothpaste, though they do surprise me sometimes.

  11. I've been meaning to try the outdoor window cleaner. The one I pinned also had jetdry, so the water sheets off the window and doesn't streak.

  12. Recently, I just switched to all natural home supplies...laundry detergent and not regretting it at all! Loving your blog tips...I am your newest follower!

  13. Thanks so much for including my dry shampoo in your round up! What a great list of ideas!!


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