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Thursday, August 1, 2013

{diy} rainbow cloud garland ... ♥

the other day we were in walmart 
and i saw these blue polka dot paper plates in the clearance section
bluuuuuue pooooolka dooooots (zombie voice)
 it's like a magnetic force ... pulling me to the polka dots

so we got them. and i thought about this garland i saw on pinterest
... it's from a cute blog called a little delightful

but those are suns, and these plates looked like clouds 
but rainbows are like all buddy buddy with clouds too right?? so we went with it.

it's one of the crafts that i put down on our summer bucket list
and the girls were excited to make it

it was really simple, we just cut the plates in half
then punched holes along the curved edge

then went to town with the rainbow part
they put ribbon & twine on some

 fabric & yarn on some too ... i like how they look all wonky :)

we strung them all on some twine and hung it up in the craft room
across the top of the window.

summer crafts are the best ♥ 
happy crafting
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  1. I didn't think your craft room could get any happier. and it has. so fun!!!

  2. Super duper cute!! The top part could even be cut a bit scalloped instead of straight to make it even more cloud like. =)

    1. you're sooooo smart!!! i told my girls this and they were all like... we should've done that!! :) thanks for the tip ♥

  3. So fun and cute. I would have bought those plates too. :) You did such a great job! I really like all the different types of textures you guys used for your rainbows.

  4. They look great. Cheap, too!

    Amanda Rose

  5. That's just so adorably cute!! I understand your zombie voice....I went gaga like a baby when I walked in to Joann's today and bought "too much" polka dot fabric!

    1. oh no! don't tell me about any fabric ... i have a serious problem. (hehe) thanks for the comment ♥

  6. Great family craft. Sunny and colourful - perfect for summer!

  7. Oh how very very pretty and crazy FUN!!!

  8. Such a pretty garland! Love the bright cheery colors! I bet your girl loved helping make this one! It's darling! :) Happy Friday! xo Holly

  9. So darn cute and looks like such fun to make!! Glad you and your sweet girls had fun making it!! xo Heather

  10. That is so super cute and would be amazing as a birthday banner! Thanks for the idea!

  11. That's adorable! I love it! The clouds are raining rainbows! :)

  12. Your garland is so cute, great project to make with kids. It looks so great over your window. Think I might just need to make one also just for the fun of it and cheer up one of my craft rooms. I love colors and the plates how you used them, only limited to an imagination. You've truly inspired me. Happy days


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