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Thursday, March 27, 2014

pompom fairy garland ... ♥

Last week my littlest little was home sick, so we pulled an all day movie marathon ...
a Tinkerbell movie marathon that is.  So after watching Frozen (a million-gazillion times) and seeing the previews for the new Tinkerbell movie, we decided to craft up some cute fairies to hang in her room in anticipation of it's release in a few weeks.

To make this garland, you'll need just a few things ...

cute yarn for pom poms - wooden peg dolls - felt - craft paint
hot glue - twine, jute or ribbon

So let's start! First get all your pieces for this craft prepared.
Paint the dolls, make lots of pom poms and cut out the wings.
My hubby used a chop saw to shorten the dolls a bit, but you can use them as is.
Just use some craft paint to paint the bodies & the hair ... 
I decided to make her look Tinkerbell-ish, 
but you could use any color paint for the hair or even some yarn.

To make the pom poms i have this handy dandy tool,  that can be found at any craft store.
To see a full tutorial on how to use the pom pom maker click over to this post.
Another way to make pom poms without the tool can be found here.

Next draw some wings onto cardstock, then trace them on the felt and cut.

Then I cut a small piece of twine, and hot glued it between the wings and the peg doll.

That's it! 
Now grab a yummy snack, put on a movie and make a bunch more!
so. much. fun.

To string them up, cut a long piece of twine 
and pull it through the loops on the back of the fairies and space them out a bit.

I had one happy little girl on my hands ... 
we love the way this turned out! Experiment with colors or even different fabrics for the wings 
... and pom poms are so simple to make even little hands can help.

Even Tinkerbell liked it.
I think.

The all-New Tinker Bell Movie, The Pirate Fairy releases April 1st
you can Own It On Blu-ray™ and Digital HD or watch the trailer & pre-order it here 

can't wait to watch it!
happy crafting!


  1. Hello, This was so cute! I just Pinned this idea to my craft board! My Grand daughter would love this!
    I enjoyed your blog and zest and creativity! How fun to be able to do it with your Best friend!
    Blessings, Roxy

  2. These are so adorable!! Love the bright colors, so pretty! Happy sweet day to you! xo Holly

  3. Sweet! I will make this but must think how to make wood dolls.
    Kiss from Serbia,

  4. Seriously rockin' my world with this on Jaime!!! SO adorable :)

  5. Squeeeel ~ so cute! We love Tinkerbell also! Did you hot glue the doll on top of the pom pom? It's late here ~ can't figure it out............. :-(

  6. What a lovely idea! I was thinking of doing a pompom garland for my daughters bedroom but now might have to make it a fairy pompom garland! I have pinned it :)

  7. Oh my goodness this is so sweet! I LOVE making pompoms and love this idea for using them. Thanks so for sharing!

  8. I LOVE THE COLORS!! So bright and pretty!! I think pom poms are so cool and such a throwback from when I was growing up!! Did you make this garland up yourself? If you did you should be a designer and write a book!! BUT I am a super fan of yours and think you rock! And you are not stingy with your sharing of making things!! I dig that about you!! Have a great weekkend! We are suppose to be havin 50 on Sunday!! I hope you are too!! WOO HOO!! XOXO Love ya Fran.

  9. Adorable, however having hubby cut the dolls would be the difficult part for most!

  10. Jaime, This is sooooooo cute!! would love to see in your shop!!!

  11. These are gorgeous!! I've got to make some - thanks for sharing how!! J9 x

  12. You can buy the pegs to paint for the dolls at a craft store..:)

  13. This is a super cute idea! My daughter would love this and it would be cute to do white ones at Christmas for "Angles" thanks for the post!

  14. I so love these!!! They are adorable!!! I love following you on instagram! Your amazing!

  15. Hi there, Jaime! I'm the editor of Nice to meet you! This fairy garland is just too cute, and I'd love to link to it from my site. If granted permission, I would use one photo, write up a description of your project, and feature a link back to this page for the full tutorial. Let me know if you are interested in being featured on my site!

  16. Aww those are adorable. Thanks for sharing. Hello from The Party Bunch!

  17. I love this! I am pinning it. My almost four year-old daughter loves the idea of trying this craft! she is looking on as I comment.

  18. Thank you for the beautiful idea! They look sooo great!

  19. This looks so amazing! I will definitely be making some of these this year! So cute and colourful and simple to do. Glad Santa brought me a hot glue gun! x

  20. Hi, I love these!! Can you please tell me how you attached the pom poms to the wooden doll? Many thanks, Lisa

  21. Hi, what a gorgeous activity! Would you mind telling me roughly how big your wooden dolls are?
    Thank you,

  22. Hi! This is an adorable craft. Sadly the links to how to make the pompom, the pompom tool and the alternate directions are not working.


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