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Saturday, February 22, 2020

old-fashioned apple cake ♥

3 blog posts in 2 weeks? who am i? :)
so i posted about this old-fashioned apple cake on instagram two years ago and so many of you made and loved the recipe - it prompted me to do a little digging because the recipe i had was good, but something seemed a little different from what i remembered... i've been making this cake with my mom since i was a teenager, but we hadn't made it for many years when i came across the recipe in my old cookbook

i followed that recipe exactly and shared it on instagram at that time - since then i've been talking about it with my mom and her sisters - the recipe came from their sister in law who has since passed away but my aunt found her original recipe card and we realized that the copy i had - had probably been copied so many times or the recipe was cut in half  - so basically it was still very similar to the origianl but not really the right recipe if that makes sense

after making it a few times since then, and evaluating it with them :) we got it down to the original ingredients and method that we remembered it to be ♥ the cake is moist and so good + the cinnamon sugar on top gives it that yummy crunch - i recently took the cake on a visit with me to my aunt's house with all of us there and this version got a thumbs up from everyone - especially my daughter jayla ♥ 

so we're passing this cake down to the next generation and i've printed a copy for both of my girls' cookbooks - i have binders for each of them filled with our family favorites and that i add to whenever we try somthing new that we decide is a keeper - i'll try to do a blog post on that sometime with more info and pictures

i made a cute printable recipe sheet for you to print out at home - fit it into a 8.5x11 recipe binder with a plastic sleeve or resize it to fit a 5x8 binder, which is what my recipes are in here pictured below - these binders were project life recipe binders that i believe are no longer in print but any 5x8 binder will work with plastic inserts from an office supply store

 take note that in this new revised recipe i used an angel food pan like this one - with a higher & thicker cake, this pan comes apart in the middle making cake removal very easy - just make sure to grease & flour both pieces as i mentioned in the instructions - don't skip that part!

♥ ♥ ♥

now... and i hope i haven't lost you yet ... but the original recipe i shared from 2018 (pictured below) was made in a bundt pan like this one, is close to half of the size of the revised recipe and is pictured here with step by step pictures and the recipe from my cookbook - it's reminds me more of an apple danish (because of less batter) but is just as delicious!

make either version of my family recipe and you won't be disappointed - they're both so yummy... and thanks for following along with me on this one! it's caused me to really think about how we document our family information/memories/stories and about how we pass information down to the next generation - i'm sure so much gets lost in translation! i think that's why it's SO important to write down as much as we can and ALSO to get into the kitchen with our kids and show them how we cook/bake these recipes so that they have first hand knowledge of how their family traditions are carried on! showing them face to face (mixer to mixer :) what was taught to the generation before them ♥
(me & my aunt 1999 ish)
(jayla & my aunt this last Christmas)


  1. Yummy thank you. I'm trying this soon!

  2. Jaime,

    One question- all the cards and things, is this your own personal artwork? Love the style!


  3. Love your blog!! Very inspiring :)

  4. Jamie, my daughter, Lindsay Hopkins shared your pictures and info on how you put together your recipe books for yourself and your daughters. I found the same binders at ( Not sure if this is the original vendor or not. Anyway, my question is about the dividers. Lindsay said something about you having to make your own dividers and laminated them. Would dividers that fit a 8 1/2 x 9 binder fit in it? Lindsay's niece (our granddaughter) Natasha has asked for a cookbook of "Nana's Recipes" and I love this size binder. All the binders that I look at have the landscape cards and page protectors. I prefer a portrait layout. Anyway, hope to hear from you. if you don't want to reply via the comments you can email me direct. Denise Freitas


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