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Friday, February 14, 2020

valentines day in a jar gift idea ♥

i have to admit breakfast is my favorite meal of the day... 
i mean what's not to love about any kind of breakfast food? muffins pastries waffles bacon 
eggs oatmeal cookies bagels cookies french toast cookies...
speaking of bagels, i love a good bagel with butter and some raspberry jam on top yummm.
 bonne maman happens to be our favorite store bought jam, have you ever had it?
 (and ps. this not a paid post just really love the stuff)

besides, lets talk about what's really important here - the gingham lids on those jars ♥
i mean really good jam in a cute jar? it's like icing on the cake - or like the jam on the bagel? hehe

anyways, file this Valentines day in a jar gift idea away for next year - or if you are celebrating throughout this weekend, you still have time to pull some of these together with any jars you might have laying around!

i soaked my jars in a bowl of really hot water with a few drops of dawn blue dishsoap 
for about an hour - the labels slid right off - easy peasy.

the fun part is going to target walmart michaels where ever and picking out all the little things that go inside! i try to keep things all the same color, but sometimes the items vary depending on who i'm gifting to - for instance i know my mom doesn't like things that are rose scented and my sister in law is conscious about clean ingredients - keep those things in mind! it would be sad to get a gift full of things that are really super cute but maybe not items that are useful

 if you have trouble thinking of what to put inside - just think about all the things that YOU love! 
a favorite polish color, chapstick, a favorite kind of chocolate or gum ... you get the idea ♥

if there's extra room in your jars when you've put everything in,
fill the empty spaces with small candy like hershey kisses or dove hearts,
 even heart confetti would be cute in the bottom of the jar!

add some matching ribbon maybe a gift tag with a note to personalize ♥

definitely feeling like my jar hoarding skills paid off for this little gift idea :)

SO CUTE! happy Valentines day everyone! ♥

1 comment:

  1. Super cute idea! Along with super cute jar lids, how stinking adorable! I gotta see if I can find them around here. Thanks for sharing~


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