insta June and a free mini calendar ♥

i'm so excited for summer! i think may & june are my favorite months ... it's the anticipation of all the road trips, sleeping in and smores :)
new calendar is here for your planners, bibles, or just to hang on a cute feather garland like i did right here::

may was busy ... lots of work, and house stuff.
and kid stuff

and the flowers! everywhere i turned i was busting out my camera
i just can't get enough of it

the stitching the states full project kit is back in my etsy shop, but only a limited quantity for the summer months. i won't offer it again until the holidays, so if you've been thinking of starting your own map head over here and get yerself one #treatyoself

some of my digital designs are in Illustrated Faith's print and pray shop here you can print these out, then cut & paste into your bibles ... for only a few dollars they're fun to work with ♥

well summer ... it sure is good to see you.
just stay for a really long time please ... just go by really reallllllly slowwwwww.

enjoy ♥

insta-april and a free mini calendar ♥

it's May ♥ one month closer to summer
#summer forever
spent some time at a local greenhouse/nursery
so beautiful ... God is the ultimate Creator ... in awe of His color palette

print one for you and one for a friend ♥

use it in your planner or right in your journaling bible!

pretzel crusted brownies. yum

my youngest is not so young anymore, she's growing up. new glasses and all.

found a little time this month to re-decorate & re-organize some areas in our home
still not done though. are you ever really done? there's always something that needs updating, fixing or purging. it's a never ending process

my youngest outgrew her heffalump room (she still loves her lumpy) 
it was fun having her be old enough to have input, and really help choose what we did with her room

going back to my roots with fabric tape that will be sold again in my etsy shop soon!
just a little sneak peek here :)

my mom taught me to have a tidy, welcoming, comfortable home
she always goes above and beyond when company comes over
even when it's just us kids...

work table happiness

 so happy to help other women dive into the Word and be able to express their God-given creative talents on the pages of their bibles

April was good to us, but i'm looking forward to warmer weather and looking out my studio window at my neighbors beautiful trees bursting with flower blooms ... it's a gorgeous sight ... i'll try to remember to get some pictures for next month's sum up

much love ♥

insta march & april's free calendar ♥

hello april!
did you download & print your free march calendar last month? i had so much fun with mine!

use it to mark off your bible reading, 
to use on your bible journaling pages or right in your planner! 

march was a full month! a busy etsy shop, lots of birthdays and some fun trips

my girl AmyJ. made these doll sized stickers to use on my packages
my happy mail just got waaaay more fun :)

that too legit sign is my new favorite :: from here

i added tons of new things to my etsy shop this past month!
including these NEW laminated, adhesive bible tabs ♥

watch this video here to see how i used washi tape to decorate the bible tab pages of my bible

a few new necklace designs were added as well with matching bible journaling cards

not sure what to do with my journaling cards?? 
check out these pictures ♥

i made this necklace for my best girl's birthday
i love these lyrics from big daddy weave :: you can listen to the song here

these planner & bible journaling JUMBO paper clips are a NEW addition to the shop too!!
i kinda love them. they're my favorite.

did a little cleaning & re-organizing in my studio this month
it's hard to believe i mod podged dress patterns onto this table top almost 5 years ago!

this girl.
she was just little. she's an official teenager now and taller than me 
and does my hair better than i do it.
cue gray hair.

yeah. this was them like two seconds ago.

new kicks and melting snow = happiness
(until it snowed again)
(which it did)
(and it's in the forecast again for this weekend)
(go away winter. it's april)

march is my birthday month :)
which means sprinkles. of course.

aaaaand trips to joanns for rainbow fabrics
cause what's more fun than joanns & rainbow fabrics during your birthday month??
not much.

more sprinkles ... :)

my hubby got me an instax camera for my birthday! i was so excited about it i went right to michaels and got all the heidi swap accessories to make it pretty ♥

a snapshot of my worktable on shipping orders day

by bestie covered her new interleaved esv journaling bible in fabric tape!
it looks soooo cute. i wanna do this next.

my stitiching the states pattern & kits are still for sale in my etsy shop
take a peek inside the #stitchingthestates hash tag on instagram to see some works-in-progress!
this makes my heart so happy ♥ to see all of you making beautiful maps with this pattern

i opened up a beautiful packages from my friend Becky over at Cleanmama
she makes the most beautiful household & cleaning products. 

finally took down my winter decor to welcome spring.

there's no IKEA here in upstate NY
so we took a 2-day trip down to pittsburg and spent over 8 hours in there! ha. 
we had a blast.
because also : #birthdaymonth

we also have no krispy kreme here either :(
so we ate lots of donuts too.

ikea rocks.

pictures from some crafty insta-friends
of goodies purchased from my shop!
love all the happiness here
from @octobertraci

and love how my journaling cards were paired with a cute little journal ♥
from @lemonystitch

can't wait to see how you use your april calendar!
much love ♥

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