sickness snow and rejoicing.

being a grown up and being really sick is no joke
i've been in bed since wednesday 
one of the days i felt like i was dying
and i'm no sissie.
i'd like to say i'm a rough & tough girl
i'm independant. ambitious.
i like to get stuff done. a lot of stuff.
so maybe getting sick is just what i needed 
(even though i really didn't see it that way the day i felt like i was dying)
and then three days this week it snowed. 
yeeeeeah. it snowed.
april twenty something. 
and then i got some really disappointing news. i was really bummed. something i had worked really super hard on. and was really super excited about it. and then it fell through.
so basically the week sucked.

i know He's putting something on my heart today to share here. my family is at church and i'm still in bed. and i sometimes feel a rush. like a surge to write things down that all of sudden seem like were spoken into my heart. little revelations maybe? i'm not sure.
the other day i thought what the heck is the purpose of being 'under the weather' God?
i mean really. i went to the dr. got the meds and now i'm on the mend. but really whats the point?
just that we live in a fallen world, that comes with death, disease, and other horrible things? so if i get this little virus i should probably just be thankful it wasn't death or one of said horrible other things?
i guess. that's probably what i should take away from this week.
one whole week wasted. orders from my etsy shop are backed up. my house was a wreck. laundry was piling up and my girls watched 27.3 hours of mindless tv while my husband struggled to take on a ridiculously busy week at work, a renovation project at church, homework, taking care of me and a head cold...
all because sometimes we just have to take the good with the bad??
 i guess.
what i waste i kept thinking.

until this morning.
when i read this.

it hit me. like a ton of bricks.
(cause i need a ton of them to get my attention when my focus is distored)
the initial blow was like an "uh helllooo" moment
and then my heart instatly softened to take in what God wanted to show me.
i was certain He was showing me this. right then.

we can rejoice. 
that was the farthest thing from my mind this past week laying in bed feeling like i wanted to stick a needle in my eye. ok, so i'm not saying i should have been laying in bed strumming a harp and singing the psalms in between fevers & rounds of ibuprofen. but rejoicing? in my heart maybe in the quiet of the day when i was just laying there? not even close. snapping at my kids, complaining to my friends and crying like a baby when my husband had to leave again was more like it.
why? why don't i know this already. i should have rejoiced
a quiet heart rejoice.
not like enjoy being sick.
but rejoice.

i hate it when there's one bad thing in life.
that wipes out fourteen thousand other good things i got goin on. and that's all i can focus on.
well that's how the enemy likes to set us up right? now i have to take some of the responsibility here. the enemy can only sneak into places where i've already cracked the door open a little bit. and all he needs is a hairline fracture. so if i'm already stewing on the things i don't like in life and my heart is not tapping into the source of Joy that is Jesus. well then i've already opened the door. so that's that.

we run into problems and trials. we know that they help us develop endurance.
so being sick for me wasn't just this ok take it and be happy it isn't something worse kind of experience. it was a problem. a problem to help me develop endurance.
maybe it was just the flat on my back kind of week i needed to expose some of those ugly things about myself that God wants to change. that He wants to gently work on with me.
maybe He was trying to get my attention all along... i just wasn't listening.
He wants to build my endurance.

endurance: the ability to do something difficult for a long time

relationships are hard. 
He wants me to love people and use the gifts He's given me to bless them
marriage is hard sometimes. 
He wants me to love & love fierce. 
like He loved me on that cross when He took my place, died and set me free.
parenting is hard sometimes (ok all the time). 
He wants me to guide my children towards a life with Him
not yell & scold and criticize them constantly

and endurance develops strength of character. and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. and THIS HOPE will not lead to disappointment.

i dunno about you. but i'll take any strengthening of character that i can get. i need it alot.
in fact i do notice in my quiet times. i'm always asking God for that specifically. please Father help me be a better mother to my girls. the wife my husband needs. a better daughter to my parents. a better daughter in law to my husbands parents. a better friend... help me to choose friends carefully. a better sister.  and then i love that last line. its the best part. because after all that.
after all that refining
after all that character strengthening
all that laying sick in bed for a week doing NOTHING
it will lead us to a stronger confident hope.
not just any hope. the best hope. hope of salvation.
and if all else in life does not go as we thought it would.
we can have salvation through Christ.
and that hope.
-even if everything else does-

will not disappoint.

so i guess this is a lot of info.
it was on my heart so i knew i had to share in case it's on any of yours ♥
i often overwhelm myself with things i want to change. i make the to-do list of where to start too long and too big that i look at it and give up. because i know i'll never be able to do all of it. so i do none of it.
i'm a go big or go home kinda girl and sometimes that's good. sometimes it's drives me to do good things. but sometimes i think i just need to go small and go Jesus. because i really believe He wants me to make progress, not attain perfection, towards having a heart like His.

so i chose a few things i want to start with this week. not too much. just two or three things i want to make sure i remember to do ... in areas where i feel really need some attention. and i hope this spurs you on to do the same. maybe it's a card you don't forget to send for mothers day. maybe it's that batch of cookies you keep thinking you'll make for the neighbors but never do. maybe it's just taking time to listen to your child and hear their heart. i don't know. but whatever it is i'm right there with ya.

and guess what?!?!
(read the next few lines)
we can make our plans.
but the Lord determines our steps
proverbs sixteen. nine

my plans sound great most of the time.
but His plans have never failed me. any of the time
and that's coming from this hot mess.
much love

ahhh spring .... finally

can you believe i've never had a top knot before?
i've always loved seeing them on women's heads everywhere, but just never tried it.
well it certainly helps to have an almost teenage daughter who knows ALL about top knots
cause she's cool
and i'm getting old
it feels weird to say that

so last sunday she said mom i'll do a top knot for you
lemme show you 

so i've been on pinterest lately looking at pretty things for spring
since the weather here in upstate is just NOW turning springish
here's a few things i'm crushing on and want to try...

i just bought gold bobby pins at target to do this in my hair! so simple but so cute.

i wanna try any of these up-do's on my next day 3 of greasy hair

(sources 1 / 2 / 3 )

i try to only wash my hair 2-3 times a week
i went 2 months last year, shampoo free ... yeah that didn't work so much.
i used baking soda & water for the shampoo & vinegar for the conditioner ... it fried my hair. it took a long time to get it back to normal. i'm sure i was doing something wrong, but it really got me used to not washing my hair so much which i think is really all i needed to do. wash less.
(my hair that is. i'm a huge component of washing everthing else. 
i'm actually a nut case about it)

i tried the bouffant bun on the right a couple weeks ago ... it was easy! and turned out so so cute!  sometimes i get a head ache though when my hair is up. does that happen to you? or am i just weird ... i dunno. it's probably me.

and this one too. it's called a dragon braid.
not sure if i like it more because it's called a dragon braid or because it's so perfectly messy & pretty

so i had a jamberry party last week at my house ... it was so fun. if you know someone who sells jamberry, have a party! you get to hang with your girls and do your nails! it's so low key and no pressure like normal in home parties. and the nail wraps?! i'm officially addicted to them.
they're easy to put on, and take off. and mine lasted just about 2 weeks! here's some really cool combinations i pinned to my board

gold and mint green? yes please.

hearts?? navy? these too. yes.

i love this combo for summer ... so soft, so sweet and pretty

if you're wanting to purchase some of your own go here and you can order under my name (in the drop down menu during check out) and the wraps are buy 3 get 1 free! i'm so excited to have these on alllllllll summer.

i pinned this to my board too ... it's got lots of good tricks & tips for applying the wraps.
the cool thing is that each sheet of wraps has enough for 3-5 manicures depending on how you use them. as accent nails or as a full set. and they last for a couple weeks. i work with my hands so much that ordinary polish just doesn't cut it, it chips right away and i get crazy when i know my right hand isn't looking as neatly polished as my left so i usually don't even go to the trouble of painting my nails anymore

moving on to hair :)
i once had mermaid hair ... purple, teal and blue streaks. yup :)
i loved it so much ... but it was just too much to keep up with and it faded super fast

so i'm thinking of just doing something similar, but just more simple
loving purple in dark hair right now!

(sources 1 / 2 / 3 )

leggings are my jam. i mean really... can we ever go back to regular pants after this legging trend hits rock bottom? they're so comfortable that everytime i have to wear jeans i feel tortured.
anyways. these are leggings. and they're cute leggings.
my only beef about leggings is that it's hard to find long shirts that cover my tush.
cause covering my tush is a must with leggings. just sayin.

(these were for sale on etsy but i can't find the shop anymore)

when it comes to makeup and clothes, i'm really a neutral girl.
i love love love color (obvs) but neutrals are my go to for any kind of lip product or eyeshadows.
love this nude lip tutorial

just got this shadow at target this weekend! it's so so pretty!

love this makeup & hair

i'm thinking about a tatoo here too. i'm picky about tattoos. what they are, where they are.
i'm kinda set on only using scripture for something as permanent as a tattoo
but that's just me ... that's my thing about tattoos
i like this one. but with a different verse... i have a couple in mind.

cute outfits for warmer weather!

this hair. dress. and Italy. what else is there? really
cept heaven of course. :)
someday i'll get to Italy. and sit at this fountain in a dress like this. yup. bucket list.

these shoes. navy is my fav right now. all the navy. and tassles?! 
(these are from here but i don't think they're available anymore. boo.)

and this skirt. well because hello. 

and those shoes with that skirt too.

now you know i'm really a crafty girl at heart, but i love clothes, hair & makeup too
it's another fun way to express your creativity on yourself!

there's lots on my boards. so make a cup of tea and settle in for a while and browse.
have you tried jamberry? do you love them? tell me please.
♥ much love

insta ♥ friday

hey everyone!
thought i'd play catch up here with my insta photos
you can follow me on instagram for daily stuff
i'm an ig junkie

holy happy mail! what was inside these packages?! 
see below ...
lots n lots of goodies ... spring grab boxes
these were for spring. even though it's not spring here. at all.
it's freezing and snowing. sad. i want to live in Cali. ♥

do you know Lisa Leonard? she makes beautiful jewlery
i got this stamped pendant from her shop with the word steadfast.
it's my hubby's OLW for the year so i thought i'd keep it close as well.

want to keep my mind steadfast on Him
He is the Rock Eternal.
where better to be?

donut date.

tulips from a small group friend
do you have a small group?

rearranging in the studio. always.

free coloring page! get it here

need to organize your life?? tell me about it.

smoothies for days. cup is from here

donuts for days. with sprinkles.
a donut without sprinkles is a waste.

i take dance classes at the gym. it's so fun. this is my new bag. 


i'm gonna have a huge lot of my little pony necklaces for sale in my etsy shop
hopefully tomorrow or Monday ... maybe they'll get to everyone by Easter for all the baskets :)

guess what!? these flowers came from France!
and they were brought into my studio by a stylist for Room to Create Magazine
for a photo shoot! isn't that crazy? i'll share more with you soon.
i can't wait.

made some changes in my craft room had to document. nothing major
just little stuff.

pendant necklaces are coming to the shop soon too! it's my first time making these 
so i'm really having fun with them 

ever tried making your own laundry soap? go here.
try it.

packed an after church lunch for the afternoon
vintage style. found these at a garage sale for a few dollars each

sunday breakfast. i love sundays

beads beads beads (and rainbows) (always)

i sold these last week on instagram ... they went fast!
there might be more in the future :)

my birthday was last week and the kitchen was full of flowers
i love flowers ... they brighten up a room instantly!
i was hoping they would hurry spring along, but yeah no. that's not happening.
it's supposed to snow here today

what are you up to this weekend??
happy friday!

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