rainbow pinwheel wreath!

hi all!
we're back from a wonderful vacation, and boy.
it sure is hard to face reality when sleeping in and krispy kreme donuts for breakfast at 12:30 in the afternoon was life for two weeks. yikes.
so we're trying to settle into a summer routine, it's been a little tough so far this week but we're striving for progress not perfection. and not staying in pj's and watching tv all day is making progress. ha. my shop is closed for the summer leaving me SO much free time to do crafts with my girls, fun projects around the house, bike rides etc.
and project life! i've been hoarding PL supplies for about 3 years now and haven't touched one album.
so i'm going to be working on that this summer too. any PL people out there? any tips for getting started? i want to keep it simple. i'm not a simple person and that's what keeps me from getting disciplined activites like project life done and kept up with. so i need to make it uncomplicated! 

anyways... back to this wreath :)
i found these ginormous rainbow pinwheels last month when we went into 5below and they had my name written all over them. i bought 6 and decided to try making a wreath with them somehow, and it was really simple actually

supplies you'll need // styrofoam wreath form ( i got the largest one i could find) 
// fabric strips // ribbon for hanging

the little pin the holds the pinwheel together comes apart very easily

and you're left with just the pin part to push into the styrofoam wreath

i made holes with the pinwheel to kind of get an idea for spacing

i ripped some fabric into a really long strips and wrapped it around the wreath marking with a sharpie where the holes were in the styrofoam

once it's covered and the holes are marked i snipped little holes in the fabric with really sharp scissors so i could push the pinwheels in easier

that's it! i put some ribbon around the form and hung it with a command hook

i love our little front porch, my dream home would be in the country (sorta in the country :) it would be white with black shutters with a wrap around front porch, rockers, bunting, lights and all ... but this little porch makes me happy.

my hubby found these hanging strawberry plants at wegmans and thought we should try them 
they have been SO AWESOME. we pick berries every few days and have them for breakfast or lunch and they're sweet!

i really really do love summer. i just love it.

the begonias & succulents on the front porch are doing really well this year.
i think i'll transplant the succulents into the back yard in the fall since they're perennials.
the begonias were hanging baskets that i got at the market. i transplanted them into my chalkboard pots that i made at least 3 years ago... they're holding up pretty good and they got nice and chippy.

i found the rocker on the curb probably 5 years ago. it's seen a lot of colors and cans of spray paint. i love making something out of old things people just don't want to bother with anymore.

much love to you and happy beautiful summer days!

i {heart} vacation.

every year when school ends we hit the road and head to the Carolinas.
we love it here. (here as in we're here now :)
i dream of moving to Charlotte one day. but we have deep roots in NY so i dunno how that's gonna play out, but hey a girl can dream right?

maryland is so lovely. we stopped in frederick for breakfast ... so much shopping and their wegmans is huge! 

coloring pages from my bestie AmyJ. kept me busy in the car ... rainbow sharpies and cupcakes. cause what else is there? these coloring pages are so so cute, Amy just opened a new extension of her digital download shop and it's all just for kids! paper dolls, coloring pages, play kits ... you have to go see everything. she's just so talented i'm always oooohing & aaaahing everything she makes.
look look look

we made the paper doll binder house!
i'll post more about that later...

ok back to chickfila and other food related items

if you've been around for a while you know i've mentioned there's no ChickFilA in NY ... well in NYC there's one. but that's 8 hours from me sooo yeah. 

it's our lunch stop along the way (unless we're driving on a sunday which we try to avoid intentionally cause i'm clearly obsessed)

peach milkshakes for the win. and the hubs is a die hard coffee man. 
(he could care less about chickfila) 
(i think he'll be glad i clarified that)

 tired & grumpy travelers. but i got some smiles anyways

the other day we ran out to get a few things and went into Lowe's. 
um. where has this place been all my life.
it's the most awesome store!

these rocking chairs ... i want them all

we went inside and i started taking pictures much to my husbands dismay.
he likes to shop like a ninja.
get in. and get out.
that's his philosophy. for real. ask him.
he should start a hashtag #shopninjastyle

i love it almost as much (maybe more) than wegmans
but you didn't actually hear me say that

next to chickfila. this is my 2nd most favorite place.
there's no krispy kreme in NY either

the light was on so we had to get a dozen. only 10 made it home though.

this is my in-laws front porch.
it says come on in. we have food here.
and a free place to stay. 
and wifi.
oh and the beach. they have the beach.

i think they're having fun. 
and goggles for dayzz.
my girlfriend told me we look like teenagers in this picture
we kinda sorta do huh?!
but we're not.
we're really old

why is shopping always better on vacation?
this was a brand new hobby lobby they just built right down the road from my mil's house
can you imagine. i'd be in trouble.

i have a bunch of projects to share with you soon.
my shop is closed for the summer so it's my hope to spend lots of crafting time with my girls
get some projects done around the house and make a little time just for me. to create.
this creative full of color girl needs some of that ya know?
be back soon and much love.

sickness snow and rejoicing.

being a grown up and being really sick is no joke
i've been in bed since wednesday 
one of the days i felt like i was dying
and i'm no sissie.
i'd like to say i'm a rough & tough girl
i'm independant. ambitious.
i like to get stuff done. a lot of stuff.
so maybe getting sick is just what i needed 
(even though i really didn't see it that way the day i felt like i was dying)
and then three days this week it snowed. 
yeeeeeah. it snowed.
april twenty something. 
and then i got some really disappointing news. i was really bummed. something i had worked really super hard on. and was really super excited about it. and then it fell through.
so basically the week sucked.

i know He's putting something on my heart today to share here. my family is at church and i'm still in bed. and i sometimes feel a rush. like a surge to write things down that all of sudden seem like were spoken into my heart. little revelations maybe? i'm not sure.
the other day i thought what the heck is the purpose of being 'under the weather' God?
i mean really. i went to the dr. got the meds and now i'm on the mend. but really whats the point?
just that we live in a fallen world, that comes with death, disease, and other horrible things? so if i get this little virus i should probably just be thankful it wasn't death or one of said horrible other things?
i guess. that's probably what i should take away from this week.
one whole week wasted. orders from my etsy shop are backed up. my house was a wreck. laundry was piling up and my girls watched 27.3 hours of mindless tv while my husband struggled to take on a ridiculously busy week at work, a renovation project at church, homework, taking care of me and a head cold...
all because sometimes we just have to take the good with the bad??
 i guess.
what i waste i kept thinking.

until this morning.
when i read this.

it hit me. like a ton of bricks.
(cause i need a ton of them to get my attention when my focus is distored)
the initial blow was like an "uh helllooo" moment
and then my heart instatly softened to take in what God wanted to show me.
i was certain He was showing me this. right then.

we can rejoice. 
that was the farthest thing from my mind this past week laying in bed feeling like i wanted to stick a needle in my eye. ok, so i'm not saying i should have been laying in bed strumming a harp and singing the psalms in between fevers & rounds of ibuprofen. but rejoicing? in my heart maybe in the quiet of the day when i was just laying there? not even close. snapping at my kids, complaining to my friends and crying like a baby when my husband had to leave again was more like it.
why? why don't i know this already. i should have rejoiced
a quiet heart rejoice.
not like enjoy being sick.
but rejoice.

i hate it when there's one bad thing in life.
that wipes out fourteen thousand other good things i got goin on. and that's all i can focus on.
well that's how the enemy likes to set us up right? now i have to take some of the responsibility here. the enemy can only sneak into places where i've already cracked the door open a little bit. and all he needs is a hairline fracture. so if i'm already stewing on the things i don't like in life and my heart is not tapping into the source of Joy that is Jesus. well then i've already opened the door. so that's that.

we run into problems and trials. we know that they help us develop endurance.
so being sick for me wasn't just this ok take it and be happy it isn't something worse kind of experience. it was a problem. a problem to help me develop endurance.
maybe it was just the flat on my back kind of week i needed to expose some of those ugly things about myself that God wants to change. that He wants to gently work on with me.
maybe He was trying to get my attention all along... i just wasn't listening.
He wants to build my endurance.

endurance: the ability to do something difficult for a long time

relationships are hard. 
He wants me to love people and use the gifts He's given me to bless them
marriage is hard sometimes. 
He wants me to love & love fierce. 
like He loved me on that cross when He took my place, died and set me free.
parenting is hard sometimes (ok all the time). 
He wants me to guide my children towards a life with Him
not yell & scold and criticize them constantly

and endurance develops strength of character. and character strengthens our confident hope of salvation. and THIS HOPE will not lead to disappointment.

i dunno about you. but i'll take any strengthening of character that i can get. i need it alot.
in fact i do notice in my quiet times. i'm always asking God for that specifically. please Father help me be a better mother to my girls. the wife my husband needs. a better daughter to my parents. a better daughter in law to my husbands parents. a better friend... help me to choose friends carefully. a better sister.  and then i love that last line. its the best part. because after all that.
after all that refining
after all that character strengthening
all that laying sick in bed for a week doing NOTHING
it will lead us to a stronger confident hope.
not just any hope. the best hope. hope of salvation.
and if all else in life does not go as we thought it would.
we can have salvation through Christ.
and that hope.
-even if everything else does-

will not disappoint.

so i guess this is a lot of info.
it was on my heart so i knew i had to share in case it's on any of yours ♥
i often overwhelm myself with things i want to change. i make the to-do list of where to start too long and too big that i look at it and give up. because i know i'll never be able to do all of it. so i do none of it.
i'm a go big or go home kinda girl and sometimes that's good. sometimes it's drives me to do good things. but sometimes i think i just need to go small and go Jesus. because i really believe He wants me to make progress, not attain perfection, towards having a heart like His.

so i chose a few things i want to start with this week. not too much. just two or three things i want to make sure i remember to do ... in areas where i feel really need some attention. and i hope this spurs you on to do the same. maybe it's a card you don't forget to send for mothers day. maybe it's that batch of cookies you keep thinking you'll make for the neighbors but never do. maybe it's just taking time to listen to your child and hear their heart. i don't know. but whatever it is i'm right there with ya.

and guess what?!?!
(read the next few lines)
we can make our plans.
but the Lord determines our steps
proverbs sixteen. nine

my plans sound great most of the time.
but His plans have never failed me. any of the time
and that's coming from this hot mess.
much love

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