a little laundry space

kay! i promised pics of our little laundry space ... here we go

a few years ago we were talking about putting our washer/dryer somewhere on the first or second level. this little nook outside our bathroom at the top of our stairs ended up being the perfect spot

our appliances are stackable so that was the main reason for utilizing this empty little spot
on the landing upstairs ... if they weren't i think the laundry would still be in the basement.

really thankful for this space
it saves me gazillions of trips up and down two flights of stairs 
(but bad for my four cookie food group lifestyle)
i mean it only makes sense to have laundry facilities on the level where all the clothes are doesn't it?  
yes. i agree with you.

on the opposite wall is a skinny little table that holds our detergents
family bible & books ... some that we read before bedtime

a little tray with dry erase markers for chore charts
and magnetic alphabets for love notes & messages on the side of the washer

that's some happy right there. 

the JOY clothesline canvas how-to is here
i made that last year sometime

the laundry canvas hoop thingy how to is here

the pom pom flowers are super easy to make ... just whip up your poms 
and hot glue them to some brown floral wire (found in the floral section at joanns) 
orrrrrr... you can just buy some here. love that shop.

i made the doily/ fabric strip bunting while i was at Meg's craft house 
for whatever craft weekend. you can read about that here too

my girls always think that the picture of the little boy on the shelf is my husband when he was little
but it's not... my grandfather was an artist (like for a living not just for fun :) 
he died when i was a teenager but later on after we were married 
i found this drawing in one of his old sketch books and framed it 
...neat huh?

much love ♥


  1. Love your laundry space, we're trying to revamp ours currently...it needs to be a pretty space since I live there, literally : ) ....I assumed that little boy was your hubby or some type of family connection too! Neat story

  2. I can't wait to have a laundry area some day (I'm a laundromat queen right now).
    Thanks for sharing your lovely space with us!

  3. Such a lovely space; beautiful, colorful and serves a purpose. What else could a Mama hope for?? Thanks for giving us a peek.
    xox- Susan @SugarBeans.org

  4. Love this space! You must have inherited your amazing talent from your grandfather!!!!

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  6. Your grandfather was a very gifted artist and, oh, you are marvelous; so creative at spreading love all around your home. You are an inspiration. Blessing hugs, Teresa

  7. What a happy space! Where do you fold your clothes?

  8. So pretty and cheery!! Love it! Especially love your sweet garland! :) Happy Holidays! xo Holly

  9. I recognize that garland! Love it!!!!

  10. I love it, it's so cheerful and happy! That would make it so much nicer for doing laundry! :o)



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