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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

mossy spring wreath ... ♥

it's really anything but spring in upstate NY
but a girl can hope can't she??
maybe if i do something way out of character
and put my Easter wreath up waaaaay before Easter
spring will come early
cause i'll be ready
then maybe spring will be ready...
it's all in the mind.
(heehee :)

so remember this neutral fall wreath i made last year?

well i made a spring version!
for directions, see my original post here
this time i wrapped the styrofoam shape with moss
actually moss on a roll! i found it in the floral department at Joann's

first i covered the shape with green felt, so the white of the styrofoam wouldn't show through
i cut moss strips to size and glued them down with hot glue
making sure to cover all the empty spaces with little pieces here and there

(i didn't wind it around the back, since this stuff was pricey 
and i was trying to not have to run back to the store for more!)

once done, i hot glued some wide grosgrain ribbon to the back of the top and 
then hot glued the frame (5x7) to the ribbon tails that hung down in the center

(yeah ... um... this took a ton of hot glue)

the simple, to the point printable is from Kelsey @ Tattered & Inked
and it comes in a few different colors too :)

add some butterflies or flowers!
i love white anything
(which is weird, since i love everything in color)
but these butters were from Joanns as well 
(floral dept.)

hope you like this spring version of my crazy shaped wreath :)
still organizing by the way ... will i ever be done?


much loves ♥
sweet parties here:


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Yes I am yelling...because it made me so happy!
    Pamie G.

  2. this is so pretty and I just have to tell you that I totally thought you were from Canada, I don't know what gave me that idea but anyway, thought it was funny ... =)

  3. So pretty! That moss always scares me but I might have to give it a try :)
    I saw your instagram pictures- the one with the camera strap...I checked out her shop and didn't see any with the pretty lacy doily. Was that a custom order that way or did you add that? LOVE it.

  4. Such a pretty spring wreathe!! :) Happy organizing! xo Hugs, Holly

  5. Sooooooo pretty Jamie!! I need to go get some of that moss :)

  6. Absolutely beautiful!!! I love it!! I love the printed saying too!!

  7. How do you come up with all this gorgeousness?!?!? You are my crafty hero!!!!!!

  8. SO VERY PRETTY!! And very Springy!! I have got the Spring Fever so bad!!! We got hit with another storm yesterday. Schools were closed today. Before we know it though Jaime Easter will be here!! I thought of you on Monday I was at Target!!! That store has the coolest stuff!! Have you seen the Fox and Lamb felt Easter Baskets? Only $2.50 I had to stop myself from gettin that sweet Fox one!! LOL XOXO Love Fran.

  9. The moss-covered wreath is so pretty, Jaime! I have a "love-hate" relationship with that sheet moss -- love all the cool things you can do with it but hate how expensive it is. Oh well, you do what ya' gotta do, right?


  10. Jaime you need to come out of the scarey dungeon!! I miss your posts!! Hope you are ok and the creepers didn't get you!! Just kiddin!! LOL I have been cleaning/organizing my craft/studio/computer/office!! I am LOVIN it!! BUT my creative mind keeps trying to stop me!! LOL And the sun is shining here in Michigan!! Gettin my mojo back!! XOXO Love Fran.

  11. Jaime I am loving the moss! Perfect for spring! Great job! Would love for you to share at the party! xo Bridgett


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